We present the unbiased treadmill buying guide for beginners ― “How to Choose a Treadmill”?

In today’s time, we cannot deny the struggle to stay fit and healthy. The health risks because of this unhealthy lifestyle where we keep sitting most of the time of the day are also increasing at an alarming rate.

But surprisingly, in the competitive world, nobody has the time to take care of themselves. As a result, we keep looking for alternate and new ways to keep ourselves healthy and setting up a small home gym with the best gym equipment is one of them. Investing in the right equipment like treadmills (which now has become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts) can solve a lot of health problems for most of us.

But the questions that arise in most of our minds are:

Should I buy a treadmill or join a gym?

What kind of treadmill should I buy or which treadmill should I buy?

What to look for when buying a treadmill for running?

Are manual treadmills hard to use?

What are the usual treadmill size dimensions?

What is the best treadmill in India for home use?

There are many options and variety available in India that may lead to confusion. To answer all your queries, we have presented a treadmill buying guide in India which shall be helpful in choosing a treadmill for home.

Before we go ahead, a few benefits of buying a treadmill for home are:

  • It is economical on the pocket than visiting a gym.
  • You can use it as per your available time.
  • Can be used by multiple people at the cost of one

When you’re planning to buy a treadmill for home, there are various factors one should keep in mind. It can be a hectic task to go through the plethora of options available, but with this buying guide for treadmill, we hope you get an idea of how to go about the process.

A few of the factors are:

  • Your budget
  • Available space for placement and storage of machine
  • Weights of all the users
  • Available functions of treadmills and kind of exercise you want to do

Now, let’s explain these factors and their importance and how you can take care of it.

1) Consider the Price and Condition for Second Hand Treadmill

Other than treadmill size, which includes treadmill length, treadmill width, and treadmill belt size, price is the most crucial factor for deciding when buying a treadmill for home.

We understand that a brand new treadmill can cost you a lot, thus if your budget is low, we suggest you opt for a second-hand machine which is in a good condition and has been maintained properly by the previous owner.

Buying a second-hand machine can definitely be economical now, but may add up the maintenance cost later. This may also raise the question in your mind: “What kind of treadmill should I buy, manual or motorized”? It all depends on the exercises you want to do and how much can you afford at the moment.

The best way to identify the condition of a second-hand treadmill is to try it. Use the machine for a while and check for any shakiness or instability and how smooth the belt is. Ask the owner about its maintenance schedule ― whether it is monthly or weekly.

2) Which is better? ― Manual or Motorized Treadmill

Treadmills, from any brand, are basically of 2 types –Motorized and Manual/Non-Motorized. A motorized one may also be called as automatic.

If you’ve been wondering which treadmill should I buy – a motorized one or a manual one, then read along with the pros and cons of both the types. In general, if one has a good budget, then personally, many people prefer a motorized one due to its functionalities and the exercises one can do.

Another thing to keep in mind; there are different types of treadmills for exercise and it will depend on the treadmill you opt for. As a motorized one has more functions, you can do more exercises as compared to a manual one.

Manual Treadmills

A manual treadmill works based on your efforts and the strength you put on to move the belt. The belt moves as you start running and exerting pressure.

Treadmill buying guide India


No Electricity Requirements ― With a manual treadmill, you do not need to plug it in to use it. You just need to unfold it, set the inclinations, and start running on it. You save a lot of electrical energy with manual treadmills.

Safe to Use ― A manual treadmill is safe to use as it stops functioning when you stop running or walking on it. There is no risk of slipping and hurting yourself on a manual treadmill.

Suitable for HIIT ― A curved belt in a manual treadmill is suitable for people who do high-intensity interval training as it uses the motive power and all your lower body muscles. It also helps in burning more calories as compared to a motorized machine.


Stress on Joints ― If you’re looking for an answer to “are manual treadmills hard to use”, then please be clear that for a beginner it might be difficult to get started with it as it uses a lot of power. Putting a force against the belt may stress your joints and cause injury.

Fewer Features ― A manual treadmill has fewer features as compared to a motorized one. It has the basic display of speed, distance, calories burnt and maybe a pulse sensor in some cases.

Less Sturdy ― Even though it may be a standard treadmill size; these are very light weighted and less sturdy in their construction and a heavy workout or an overweight (not according to the maximum weight limit of the treadmill) can cause instability or breakage at weak joints. This also makes a person walk and not run for a more calorie burnout.

Motorized Treadmills

The automatic or motorized treadmills are usually favored when it comes to choosing a treadmill for home use. It uses an electrically powered motor to run the belt and function. A treadmill horsepower is the main quality of a motorized treadmill.

What to look for in a treadmill


No Stress on Joints ― As the belt moves with the help of the motor, you do not have to exert any force to move it. You move as the belt moves.

Speed and Inclination Adjustments ― You can adjust the speed and inclination of the belt while you’re working out without giving your running a break or stepping down to change the inclination.

More Functions ― A motorized treadmill comes with many pre-built functions in it, which gives you more options for doing exercises.

Run and Walk ― With a better treadmill length of the motorized machine, you get a better treadmill belt size in terms of the length, too. A longer belt gives you the chance to run rather than only walking.


Runs on Electricity ― You need to place your treadmill near a power source or make provision for power near your workout place. It also requires a high voltage.

Unsafe to Use ― Since the belt runs through electricity and not your movements, there is a risk of slipping and falling, hence getting injured.

Price ― Costly than Manual treadmills

3) Motor and Horsepower

While choosing a treadmill (motorized) one should definitely focus and give special attention to the motor and its horsepower. The power delivered by the motor directly affects the quality of the treadmill. It further affects how the workouts feel.

One should look for a treadmill with a motor having at least 1.5 continuous duty horsepower. A 2.5-3.0 treadmill horsepower is preferable if you plan to run on the treadmill often.

4) Features of a Treadmill

All treadmills come with some other features that vary according to the brand and needs it satisfies. There are few features that may not affect your cardio goals but just enhance your exercising experience, for e.g. pre-set workout programs, music player compatibility, bottle holder and its proximity and many more.

The most important features one should check out for while buying a treadmill for home are:

Automatic Inclination Wondering what to look for when buying a treadmill for running? The inclination is your answer. It makes exercising interesting and benefitting in the form of faster calorie burns and better muscle definition. The incline ranges from 10% to 40% sometimes; otherwise, it ranges up to 20% maximum.

Pre-Built Programs ― It is yet again one of the important treadmill features. With these, you can control the speed, adjust the inclination as per your need. The presence of such features can make it the best treadmill for home use. There are a few of them which you should definitely check the inclusion of:

  • Any personalized fitness set up a program that can be connected to any app from your mobile phone and give you customized exercise plans.
  • Wireless Pulse Monitors will give you accurate heart rate information and exercise in an efficient and planned manner.
  • Tablet / Phone holders to help keep you entertained and match the beat of your steps.

5) Required Storage Space

Storage space required for a treadmill is one of the important things for what to look for when buying a treadmill for home use. A treadmill can look smaller at a store; all packed but may require a lot more space to be stored at home.

To avoid the problem and confusion, you can take a precautionary step – measure the space at home and then check the treadmill size dimensions.

A treadmill buying guide for home will tell you, you should look for a folding treadmill, which will be easier on your storage space. Check the weight of the treadmill and how easily it can be moved, how easy it is to fold and unfold.

Before you make the final decision to buy, you can always try the folding-unfolding activity and also see how easily you can move it.

6) Minimum Specifications

If you’re still wondering what to look for in a treadmill, there are a few more things which may be small, but crucial enough to help you decide.

Treadmill Belt Size and Track Cushioning ― It should at least measure 48 inches long and 18 inches wide and if you’re taller than 6 feet, look for 52-54 inch long. This may also increase the treadmill length and treadmill width, which means it requires more storage space – so check that too. The belt should also be stable enough and have proper cushioning so it doesn’t move or shake with every footstrike.

Maximum Weight ― Check treadmill specifications like what maximum weight the treadmill can bear. If it doesn’t suit you, look for another model.

Speed ― A treadmill that with 10 mph or higher speed shall be adequate if your goal is running and not just walking.

Inclination ― One should go for a machine that has a 10% or higher inclination.

If all the above are present in the treadmill, then it is an answer to your question of what makes a good treadmill worth a purchase.

7) Kind of Exercise You Want to Do and Your Goal

In general, if we see there could be 3 types of goals –

  • Getting and staying fit in general
  • Run and improve stamina
  • Advance fitness regime

The question of what treadmill is right for me or how to choose a treadmill can be answered on the basis of your goal type mentioned above.

If running and improving stamina is an end goal, opt for the one that can bear more bodyweight.

If just walking and staying fit in general is something you’re looking for, buy the one which is quite cheaper and has fewer functions.

In case you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to maintain your regime, choosing a treadmill should be based on the features.

8) Stability and Smoothness

What makes a good treadmill worth buying? How to choose a treadmill for home? Stability and smoothness while using the machine is the answer. Look for the one which is stable even after using it for quite some time.

A good treadmill should not be shaking when you walk or run on it. The functioning of the belt shouldn’t be rough or rattling, rather should be as smooth as butter. Moreover, a good treadmill should be able to absorb the shock and not lead to any muscle or joint injury.

9) Try Before You Buy

If you’re looking forward to buying the best treadmill for home use and visiting a store for the same, it is recommended that you should try it once before you buy the best treadmill for you.

Most of the machines with a standard treadmill size will seem to be the best option for you but these various options will raise the question “How to Choose Treadmill for Home in India”? For this, research, take time, visit the stores, and check out all the options that fit your requirement. And as the last step, according to the treadmill buying tips, we suggest you try the treadmill before you make the purchase.

A tried and tested treadmill is always better than the one you’ve just seen and read about. It may add up to the cost of the treadmill, but think about the ROI it gives you in the form of the best-suited treadmill for you.

Spending about 10 minutes on the selected treadmill will help you decide if it is the one you want. Check for any shaking, smoothness of the belt, and what all additional features are present.

10) Warranty Period, Delivery Charges and Set-Up

What to look for when buying a treadmill? Warranty period, the delivery charges to your home and the setup – how easy it is, whether you need help or can you do it yourself, the time that will be taken for assembly and set up and such other things.

Let’s take up each of the above things separately.

Warranty is something one should check out for sure if you plan to buy a treadmill for home and personal use. The manufacturer offers the warranty on treadmills, so if you’re buying it from any online store, check the warranty conditions without fail – you may contact the online store and clarify all your doubts.

The warranty is something that will give you an idea about the treadmill’s quality and help you purchase. Most manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty on the frame with about 10 years for the motor. A few lower-end treadmills will have a 5-year warranty on the motor. So check the details thoroughly.

Delivery Charges ― A treadmill’s cost may seem fine to you, but with most of the online stores, you may find additional delivery charges too. Sometimes, depending on your location, the charges may go a little more up. So, according to the treadmill buying guide for home, one should ask the delivery charges from the store before making the purchase.

Set Up ― Once you’ve got the treadmill at home, getting it set up at the desired workstation may be another addition on your monetary front. Some treadmills are easy to install with the help of the user manual provided with each machine, whereas some require technical help that is chargeable. You can again check the same with the manufacturer or the online store.

FAQs Related to — How to Choose Treadmill for Home in India?

Q. How much does a treadmill cost?

The price or the cost of a treadmill is one of the major things to look for when buying a treadmill for home use. A treadmill can be a costly affair for most people – and a major consideration. With treadmill features adding up, the price goes up. One should do thorough research before making the final decision.

On average, a lower end and a basic manual treadmill can cost you as low as Rs.10000. With better and more treadmill specifications, you can expect it between Rs.30000 to Rs.50000 and finally, a high-end treadmill can cost you more than Rs.60000.

On the other hand, if you do not have this high a budget, you can opt for a second-hand treadmill with good features at a cheaper rate. Just keep in mind to check the condition of the parts – especially the belt before you buy it.

Q. How do I fix my treadmill belt?

Follow the below points to fix a treadmill belt issue at home.

Slipping Belt ― If you’re facing the problem of slipping belt or if you’re feeling a sensation of slipping while you’re using the treadmill, then to repair it, you need to align and tighten the slipping belt. Keep in mind to keep a distance of 2-3 inches.

High on Temperature Belt ― Reason being too much friction for the belt to heat, you need to add lubrication to it to avoid friction.

Q. Can a treadmill reduce belly fat?

Whenever a person thinks of losing belly fat, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to buy a treadmill for home and run on it and sweat it out.

A treadmill not only affects the whole body, but it puts its focus on the visceral fat that lies under your stomach muscles. In a few regular running sessions, you will start seeing the results in the form of reduced waist size and belly fat.

Q. Why did my treadmill stop working?

It sounds frustrating when the treadmills stop working while you’re sweating it out on it.

A few reasons for the treadmill to stop working are:

  • Fault in the belt – This is the most common issue that occurs because of lubrication and overuse.
  • Disturbance in the platform
  • Faulty motor or speed controls.

A treadmill stops working as a precaution to avoid any damage when too much resistance occurs while a workout. To avoid excess heat off the motor, it stops working. You need not worry, just check what’s wrong – if it has heated and let it cool down.

Thus, if you’re buying a treadmill for home, keep in mind not to overuse it.

Q. How do I reset my treadmill?

We’d say that resetting a treadmill is a very brand-specific process, but the steps that you can follow for any treadmill are:

  • Unplug your treadmill from the power socket if it’s a motorized treadmill
  • Insert the safety key in the right slot.
  • Hit the reset button on the console or wherever it is.
  • Now, as per the options you see on the console, go ahead and hit the required buttons.

Q. How long should a treadmill belt last?

If your treadmill features a 1 ply belt, it should last up to 3-5 years depending on the usage and its maintenance.

If your treadmill has a 2 ply belt, then life is a little longer, and the belt is durable. It should last up to 5-10 years.

Q. How often should you service a treadmill?

What makes a good treadmill last longer is regular servicing and maintenance.

But the question comes, how often should it be serviced? The service is done to keep it clean and, most importantly keep the conveyor belt in optimal running condition.

You can keep it up and running by going for either a weekly servicing or a monthly servicing. Irrespective of the plan you opt for, you should definitely include lubricating the belt periodically to keep it taut and look for any loose nut bolts.

We hope this treadmill buying guide for beginners has helped you to understand the basics of treadmill buying, like how much treadmill horsepower for running is necessary, what treadmill width you should look for, and above all how to choose treadmill for home in India.

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