Yes, we are telling you the ways to keep yourself away & strong from the tempting cupcakes, pressing snooze button, being lousy & lazy.

As soon as the New Year’s Eve approaches, we start thinking of the resolutions we are going to take on 1st Jan every year. Someone decides to start working, kids decide to start studying hard and some sports & fitness freaks (who think they will be) plan to stay fit New year onwards as their New Year Resolution. This usually starts with being on diet, staying away from oily food, junk food and so on. What if we tell you that you don’t need to cut down on everything but only a few? Yes, exercising regularly with these 10 easy tips will help you to stick to your resolution.


  • First & foremost thing: Go Slow

If you are thinking that you will run the treadmill 2 hours a day and see jeans getting loose, you are wrong. You need to calm things down and start taking things slow and steady as going with a fast pace can end up making your regime a very monotonous and boring one which can soon reach to the point where you started – and then you will lose interest in being fit – which is what we do not want to happen with you. So, go slow, wait for results.


  • Try different things / Mix things up

Bored of the same 1 hour of running on treadmill? Add on more like weight lifting, aerobics, etc. Try mixing exercises according to your body type to keep the regime interesting and new. Why make it boring and monotonous?!


  • Include a friend

We generally exercise alone either in gym or at home. Why? Why don’t we go with a company, a friend – ever thought of going along with a friend? Include a friend of yours into this new year resolution of yours. Why to take the pain alone?! You can talk, walk, lift the weights, do the push ups all along and then compete – who gained the most, who lost the most and then who looks hot the most!


  • Music is one the real helpers

Choose some funky music with good beats, that will help you to focus on your exercise and not on things surrounding you.


  • Manage your time

Why do you gain weight or gain fat? Because you are always in a hustle bustle and generally tend to work till late. Now is the time to take out time for yourself and manage it to stay fit.


  • Set Goals

You need not to plan to lose all 4 inches in 4 weeks. You can set your goals in less amounts in appropriate period of time. Like 2 Kgs in 2 weeks or losing 10 pounds sounds specific instead of reducing 3 inches. Your inches around the waist will never stay stable. It will again change when you will gain muscles around your waist – when you will get a perfect toned body. Always set goals in terms of weight.

According to psychologist, you feel good when you accomplish the goals set by yourself and this will in turn boost your morale for further benchmarks. The better you are at making small changes, the easier it will be for you to keep going further.

P.S. Don’t make it a mental note – put it on a post it and stick on your favourite place.


  • Daily Tracking is the key

Find out a way to track your progress from day one. Not reviewing the progress on daily basis is the reason most of the people quit soon enough. As mentioned earlier, changes don’t appear in 4 days, it might take 4 months for someone, 2 months for someone or even more for the other. Changes and progress depend on body to body. But that doesn’t mean that a person who will see a change in 4 months will quit after 2 months if no change is seen. A daily reduction in calories is also a change which should keep you motivated to burn more the next day.


  • Rewards yourself

Only reduced calories are less to motivate you? We understand that completely. You can decide your rewards as well when you set your goals. When you lose 2 KG, you gift yourself a burger. When you lose 5 KG, you can gift yourself a plate of chowmein and when you lose, you can gift yourself a chilly chicken. Reward yourself with a nice-looking t-shirt if you are a boy, a dress if you are a girl when you start completing your goals. You will always want to get rewarded more frequently – trust us!


  • Keep it Real, Regular and Get used to it

To give yourself the desired reward, keep your goals real, avoid making 100% resolutions, absolutes like “I will give up all sweets”. You can make it real by keeping it as “I will take sweets only when in a fancy restaurant”. At last, don’t forget sweets and some calories are necessary for your body. You’ve taken a resolution to run the treadmill everyday – don’t swear to run more than your capacity. Take it as much as you can, get used to it and then gradually increase your workout.

Keep your fitness goals much achievable.



  • Think less do more.

Think less and do more. Simple – stop imagining how it would be once you achieve this or that but just go and start doing the stuff. You can wait to see yourself when you’ve lost a few Kgs. Your friends can wait. Stop imagining the number of likes on your facebook or Instagram upload. You want those huge no. of hits? Then start working. That’s it. The most important thing. You’ve got to come out of your comfort level and hit the machines and floors!


Now, grab the right pair of shoes, hit the gym or grab your own treadmill or home gym or exercise bikes.

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