Swimming as an exercise is very popular these days as it becomes the primary area from where you can help your body to become slim and skinny.

Swimming is also beneficial to one’s body as it directly impacts on the physical and mental development of the person by making it stable. It is beneficial for all ages and groups which can help in losing excess weight from the body, making you fit and healthy. It is also called aerobic exercise, which helps you to strengthen your lungs and muscles to keep you healthy.

Other than this, there are various types of exercises which help you to burn fat; like running, bicycling but swimming for weight loss comes on the top list. After thorough research, it is found that the body of swimmers of all age groups has leaner muscles and hips, slimmer waist as compared to non-swimmers.

a) How does swimming help you lose weight?

Swimming is considered as the most crucial exercise for burning fat and it styles your body flexible. Swimming for weight loss is the best form of workout to improve your personality and overall development.

Cardiovascular exercises help you to tone your body, and alike swimming also helps your whole body in toning. Swimming gives the whole-body workout compared to other activities which only provide one-part training. 

According to the experts, in swimming, water is denser than air, so the push, kick and pull gives resistance workout to your body. Numerous types of swimming exercises will help the swimmers to lose fat and most essentially it also helps in burning calories while swimming.

If we talk about burning calories while doing swimming, then the question is :

b) How many calories does swimming burn?

how many calories does swimming burn - swimming for weight loss

It depends on how much swimming you are doing daily, means if you are swimming for 30 minutes, then approximately 300 to 400 hundred calories can be burned. Other than this, different strokes have a different ratio of burning calories. Indeed, it also depends on the weight and how much exertion you are doing.

One of the researches shows that if a middle-aged women swim for 60 minutes for three days a week, then she will significantly improve her flexibility, endurance power, and most crucially it helps to lower the cholesterol level. So, swimming not only helps you in losing weight; rather, it will help in making your muscles lean. It is a fact that lean muscles surge the metabolism level; additionally more calories will burn from your body.

c) How Swimming for Weight Loss actually works?

1) Helps in whole body workout

Swimming is the only exercise in which every part and muscle is doing work like arms and legs to move forward, etc. The major benefits are

  • Body strength will improve gradually if you are swimming every day
  • Helps in toning the body muscles
  • Fitness level will enhance to the maximum
  • Manage and lose weight

2) The benefit of Swimming laps – Helps in building cardiovascular strength

It involves the main parts of the body like lungs, cardio, heart, and circulatory system. Swimming exercise helps you to control sugar and lower down blood pressure.

3) Best for all age groups

swimming for weight loss for all age groups

It is a fact that some exercises are meant only for a specific age group. But swimming is the only exercise that suits all age groups. People think that swimming will not suit them and it will be very challenging, but it is not true. Newcomers get proper training and have an assigned area for practice.

4) It is a remarkable skill if you learn swimming

Swimming somehow can develop both mental and physical growth of the person, but additionally, at times it can be lifesaving also.

5) Help for those who are suffering from major diseases

Benefits of swimming are immense. An unhealthy person can turn to a healthy one if swimming is practiced on a regular note. Like a person who is suffering from arthritis is not able to do high impact exercise. On the other hand, they can swim easily.

6) It is also safe for pregnant women

swimming during pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, it is common that ladies tend to increase their weight which as a result causes pain in joints and muscles. Notwithstanding, swimming is the only exercise which can support the weight of the body making you fit and healthy. It is recommended that before taking any new exercise form, please consult the doctor.

7) Swimming helps to boost mood and improve sleep

Swimming can give a person relaxed sleep when he/she has insomnia. While exercising, the body excretes endorphins which help boost mood, build confidence and improves interaction capability.

8) It helps in civilizing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis(MS)

While swimming in the water, our limbs get buoyant which is helpful to Multiple Sclerosis patients to get support and resistance that water gives. According to a survey, it is studied that an individual who has MS feel less pain if they participate in a 20-week swimming program.

9) Great help to Asthma patients

As it is mentioned above, that swimming will help in improving cardiovascular strength; instead, it also surges the capacity of lungs and improves breathing problem. On the one hand, the humid air of pools can help to cure asthma, but on the other side, the toxic chemicals of pools make the symptoms worse.

d) Different types of exercise or strokes in swimming for weight loss

1) Freestyle Stroke

different types of strokes in swimming for weight loss

It is also called front crawl and is most accessible from all the other strokes. In this, your body will move straight on the stomach, and your arms and legs will kick your body forward over the head. This exercise gives you the practice of breathing techniques which will help in other types of strokes. Moreover, you can burn the maximum number of calories by doing this exercise. If you swim for one hour daily, you can quickly burn 500 to 900 calories.

2) Butterfly Stroke

benefits of swimming laps

The butterfly stroke is complicated to perform as it is classified into three main segments that are the pull, the push, and the recovery. Through this stroke, your body will cut the maximum number of swimming calories as compared to others.

3) Backstroke

benefits of swimming for weight loss

It is that type of stroke which you will perform on your back, and it’s straightforward and comfortable to do. The only difference between the backstroke and freestyle stroke is body posture. Burning of calories is majorly dependent on the weight of the body and how much time you are doing it.

4) Breaststroke

swimming for weight loss - whole body workout

If you have learned regarding the movement of arms in the water, then you can quickly master this stroke. This stroke is prevalent among swimmers. This stroke will burn that many calories which you will burn while jogging in a park. The main target of this stroke is thighs and hamstrings which stabilizes core muscles also. From all the above strokes, this is the best for whole body workout.

5) Sidestroke

Swiiming for weight loss - calories burned swimming

It requires a lot of practice before coming to perfection. It is a straight forward stroke which helps in toning arms and legs. Other than this, if you do this exercise, your back will never pain. It will burn around 400 to 700 hundred calories of fat in one hour whose body weight is 130 lbs to 200 lbs.

The ultimate result of any of the stroke is the more you practice any stroke, the more perfection you get and that help in burning calories.

e) How swimming and weight loss can boost strength?

While doing swimming, your body is getting regular resistance exercise while battling against the water to move forward. This movement of body helps the body to increase strength mainly in the upper part.

f) How can walking in water help your body to lose weight and burn calories?

It is another type of exercise which is very useful in cutting calories from your body and improves fitness level. In the beginning, start moving in the water till the waist and slowly drive in deeper water to face more difficulty. Indeed, for the safety purpose and for balancing body, wear floatation belt when you start in deeper water over your head.

  • Benefits of walking in the water

Water walking exercise delivers you with maximum aerobic benefits as compared to high-impact exercise. People who are suffering from significant injury, want to increase mobility, and having joint pain will recover if they do water exercise every day or 3 times a week.

Again, the burning of calories entirely depends on body weight, but the estimate would be 563 calories per hour if you weigh 155 pounds.

Swimming somehow is very different, and for some, it is challenging to imagine. But in reality, it is easy when you start to practice. You can ask for the expert tips to get through it like starting with the simple stroke, etc.

At last, swimming is an excellent exercise for those who want to improve strength, mobility, and lose weight.


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