Can you swim while pregnant?

Is swimming during pregnancy a safe exercise?

Worried about these questions? Then you’re at the right place as our article will uncover some interesting information about it.

Swimming, as you all know, is a fantastic exercise for individuals which not only helps the person to lose weight; rather helps in getting rid of various cardiovascular diseases. But if you are carrying extra weight in your body due to pregnancy, then it becomes a tough task to handle the body while swimming.

Swimming helps the body to stay fit; instead, it’s a great stress buster for pregnant ladies. 

Now the question arises in everyone’s mind that: Is swimming during pregnancy safe?

And the answer is obviously ‘yes’. It is a highly recommended exercise, but only if the pregnancy is healthy. It not only helps in maintaining overall health in a relaxed way but is advantageous in many other ways too.

In case your pregnancy has some complexities, then small precaution is mandatory for the healthy growth of your child and you. Swimming is very beneficial in the starting of pregnancy period, as, in this period, the body will gain more weight. So, it helps in balancing the body, especially in the third trimester when there is an excess weight because of fetus growth. 

1) How swimming helps your body to gain advantages for a healthy lifestyle?

  • Swimming helps your blood circulate correctly between your body to the fetus
  • Both heart and lungs functions boost the overall performance of the body
  • It is a common phenomenon of swelling in feet and ankle during the pregnancy period, so it helps in reducing swelling and retention of fluid
  • After swimming, sound sleep is another motivating factor that gives you relaxation
  • Swimming is an excellent exercise for losing weight, so it provokes you to burn extra calories while balancing your body
  • It helps in getting rid of aches and pain in the parts of the body
  • Improve your labor pain and delivery experience with the help of strength which you gained while swimming
  • Pregnant women can relieve themselves from nausea and morning sickness
  • Helps in easing sciatica pain

Other than this, if a woman is a regular swimmer and she becomes pregnant, she can continue doing swimming as usual. However, the women who haven’t tried swimming before, it is quite safe to inspire yourself to do swimming.

Advanatges of swimming during pregnancy

Don’t exert your body to do extra exercise as it will hurt you. It is well understood that learning swimming during pregnancy is a tough task as your body already has excess weight, and it becomes uneasy about balancing the body.

Furthermore, the benefits of swimming every day give the pregnant lady a high expectation in regards to health; because of which they feel happier and more relaxed. 

Swimming and pregnancy are related to each other deeply in regards to the healthy baby, which she will give birth to.

2) What are the best strokes or exercises for pregnant women in swimming?

Swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises for pregnant women which gives immense benefits of aerobics while engaging the muscles of the full body. On the advice of trainers, doctors, and experts, it is recommended that swimming is the best for pregnant ladies. But, they have to take care of a few things while exercising different strokes.

a) Butterfly Stroke

According to some experts, the advantages of swimming in butterfly stroke are complex. As this stroke give more stress on the spine and is considered as most challenging stroke. Moreover, if the pregnant lady is a regular swimmer, then for her, it might give good results. Notwithstanding, very severe exercises during pregnancy will provide complexities within your pregnancy.

b) Freestyle Stroke

swimming exercises for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the front crawl or freestyle swimming is the fastest and powerful stroke, which is done by most of the pregnant ladies. One thing you have to keep in mind while doing freestyle stroke is the alignment of the body. Means all the parts of the body inclusive of torso, shoulders, and hips rotate as one. If it happens, then it’s good; otherwise, the freestyle crawl will pose some particular problem.

c) Breaststroke

This stroke is generally cited as the most suitable stroke for pregnant ladies. Usually, there is a lengthening of chest muscles, shortening the back part in an ordinary manner during that period, and this stroke needs fewer efforts which will not make the pregnant woman uncomfortable. But if you are suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction(SPD) also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain, then you have to avoid this exercise.

d) Backstroke

Is it safe to swim while pregnant in this stoke? The answer would be yes. Several doctors recommend that lying straight on the back will compress the vena cava because of the baby’s weight. So, it is very safe to swim on your back in the pool without this problem.

Other than this, using swim training aids will further make you comfortable and relaxed. Indeed, don’t dive in the pool because it will create some problem later on. Whenever you feel that your body started losing energy, then quit and take rest.

3) Swimming tips for pregnant ladies in different trimesters

Swimming tips for pregnant ladies

Swimming during pregnancy may be a daunting process for both the mom and the baby. But after talking to experts, we conclude that throughout this session, the moms can make fitness a top priority in an effective way. As you have read above regarding the benefits of swimming every day, excluding all these things, it is an unprecedented exercise for standard delivery in the 9th month.

a) During the First Trimester

Your body has started changing slowly, and exercise is not the priority. But if you are feeling ok, then swimming 30 minutes daily will do the best work. Consult the doctor and if he is permitting you, then only start swimming because you need strength to do it. It will gradually boost the energy level and get rid of nausea that is morning sickness after a regular early swim.

b) During the Second Trimester

The body size will grow because of growth in a baby, and swimming makes you feel relaxed and happy. Most likely, mothers abandon the swimming or reduce the swimming frequency level. Other than this, you can try backstroke to calm up to the back, and it will not harm the flow of blood from one part of the body to another. Mainly, ladies buy swimsuits to accommodate themselves. Enjoying water will create buoyancy by which the body feels weightless.

c) In the Third Trimester

Regular swimming makes your body prepared to tolerate labor pain. But the point is during this period, the body is not very comfortable as the baby grows large, and the weight of the body increases. Swimming can bring relief to sore and tight muscles and be careful while going inside the pool as the area can be slippery and uneven.

4) Precautions to be taken while swimming for pregnant ladies

Swimming is the best way to exercise your body to keep you fit when you are gaining weight. While swimming, there are certain things that pregnant women should keep in mind so that no injury will take place in the pool area. They are as follows:

  • As you enter the pool for the workout of 30 minutes, make sure to drink liquid supplements again and again as it will keep you hydrated
  • Avoid jumping and diving into the pool as it will gradually harm you and your fetus
  • While walking in the pool area or around it, be cautious as that area is slippery due to water everywhere
  • Continuously breathe as it is most essential for your baby to survive
  • If you are interested in swimming, then exercise in indoor pools as outdoor pools have sun radiation and overheating which is not beneficial for your body
  • Always wear appropriate swimsuits as it will make you comfortable and relaxed while swimming. Other than this, for the maternity period, companies manufacture swimsuits which best suit the pregnant ladies
  • Always swim in clean water, and if you swim in the unknown pool, you are at the risk of harming yourself and the baby because of contaminated water
  • Avoid swimming if you are not feeling well or have a chance of cold as it will aggravate it further
  • Go for a pre-workout meal half an hour before swimming such as healthy toast, milk, a bowl of cereals, etc.
  • Listen to your body if it says ‘no swimming’. If you are having pain or headache, immediately consult your concerned doctor

5) Swimming precautionary tips for the trimesters 

a) First Trimester

To reduce morning sickness, try to swim in the morning as it makes you energetic for doing work the whole day. Always use pool types of equipment like kickboard and noodle for different workouts.

b) Second Trimester

Backstroke is mainly useful in the second trimester as it is very flexible and comfortable. Along with this, the backstroke will keep the blood flow in place.

c) Third Trimester

When you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, you should give importance to your comfort first. Therefore, try diverse strokes to know about what you are comfortable in. You can also get yourself a maternity swimsuit to feel at ease during your swimming sessions.

Precautionary tips for swimming during pregnancy

6) Warning signs

Now, let’s talk about warning signs which need to be taken care if you are in the habit of swimming.

While practicing swimming if you feel or experience any of the following immediately rush to the doctor as it may be severe symptoms which can harm your pregnancy.

  • During the swimming period, if the pregnant lady is having pain in the lower abdominal, then it may be severe
  • Irregular fluid discharge can be very serious for both the mom and the baby
  • If the heartbeat is not in continuation, then also consult your maternity doctor
  • Vaginal spotting
  • In the past, if the mother has multiple miscarriages then avoid swimming
  • The problem in lung and heart in the past can be very complicated in pregnancy while doing swimming
  • If the pregnant lady is feeling light-headedness or dizziness many times in a day, then practicing swimming is strictly avoided
  • If the cervix is weak
  • Uterine contraction

All these things can cause serious ailments to the mother and the baby while doing swimming. Indeed, if women want to do exercise, then without medical advice, it is not recommended.

7) Can a pregnant woman swim if she is suffering from SPD?

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction(SPD) is that phenomenon in which movement of pelvic bones are more, and as a result, the continuous misalignment of these bones can be very painful for pregnant women. Many ladies go in depression because of SPD because life during this kind of pain is very problematic.

As you all know that swimming can cure many diseases and also is helpful for pregnant ladies. But breaststroke can be quite harmful in pregnancy if you suffer from SPD. Using swim equipment like kickboard or noodle to get your body balanced is essential if the mother is having SPD.

8) What is the best time to start swimming while you are pregnant?

Swimming is well known for its functional role in pregnancy, which can be a good and the best exercise for standard delivery in the 9th month. According to the doctors, the overall health of a woman is considered if she can take swimming or not.

The starting two months are very crucial for the proper growth and the development of the baby. If the overall health of the mother is good and has full strength to do swimming after check-up, then only, she can practice swimming. She can do swimming in the entire pregnancy period while taking precautions to keep herself fit and energetic. It is a light exercise which can help your body to gain endurance and strength.


The golden rule of swimming while being pregnant is to listen to your body every time as this rule will make mom and the baby healthy and fit. Nowadays, because of the stressful life, most of the deliveries are Caesarion, which is not suitable for the mother after some time.

Swimming is that type of exercise which can assist you in a normal delivery with proper precautions.

Consultation with your doctor is essential before you take your first step towards swimming.

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