Squash Is Ball and Wall Game

Playing squash is not all about techniques and skills; it is more about the stamina. Also, it is more about your capacity to maneuver yourself inside the court; and about checking your strengths and weaknesses all the time. You need court coverage; you need stamina! You are required to move back and forth all the time in order to cover the distance of court. While playing squash, you stand up against a wall, a concrete wall; there are no nets, and you cannot read the body language of your opponent because your focus is more towards the motion of the ball. Hitting a ball to a wall and wait for the output to come is the mantra of the game of squash. Now, on a psychological level, this game requires more mental strength from your side. Battling it out against a wall is an uphill task by all the possible standards. It will never give you this impression that it is fragile, it means it will rob all the competitive advantages from you when the game will progress to advance levels.

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When you play squash, the rival is not in front of you; he is behind you and looking at you when you will deliver the next punch. It means that if you are an attacking a player, who is aggressive by nature; then you might be at some disadvantage. You cannot raise impactful questions; however, you can give an answer to every attack with great impact. In other words, it is a test of your endurance that you are going through. It is a test of your staying power. This is why, it is important to pick right kind of squash racquets for you; in general, we can say that lightweight racquets can be best for you. Shopping for the suitable squash racquet can be done if you spend ample time in the search; which sadly is not possible during physical shopping, wherein, you hop from shop to shop; and in the end, buy anything just for the sake of it; as you are too tired with the hunt! Here, the online stores selling squash accessories come to your rescue and help you buy the best products.

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Squash balls come in 6 different types of varieties, each one has a different level of its bounce; and this is denoted by the colored dots on those balls. Also, there are multiple ‘Mini-Squash’ balls that are available having quite high and very prolonged bounce. Many leading online sports accessories stores these days are providing high-quality branded squash accessories; all you need to do it do glue to your laptop screen for a few hours and find the most suitable squash balls for the game you love!


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