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When physical fitness is one of your most important targets to be achieved, you should not have any more excuses to head to ground outside to get yourself some physical activity, be it your favorite sport or a workout session at the gym. Outdoor activities are great in putting “fun-into-fitness” and making you turn from fat-to-fit if you continue this regime regularly.

How Important Is Hydration While Playing or While Working Out?

Keeping your body hydrated requires special attention while you are out there to tone your body in an effort to make yourself fit! In summers, when it is very hot outside, body sweats more to cool itself down. Perspiration is temperature and humidity dependant and also depends on the nature of activity a person is indulging in. one must not rely only on thirst to tell how much water is needed. For keeping your muscles in working condition and also for avoiding any fatigue when you are out there; it is greatly imperative that you drink plenty of water or other liquids before, during, & after the physical activities.

Stay Hydrated – Before, During & After the Play/Workout

A healthy hydration guideline while preparing for an outdoor play or workout, whether it is a simple walk, or run, or a bike ride, or any sport etc, is to drink around 2 cups of fluids some 2 hours before you head for that activity. This helps ensuring well-hydration before going outdoors. During the activity, it is good to drink 4-6 ounces of liquids at 15-20 mins intervals for keeping the muscles well-hydrated. In case of an hour-long walk or 1 hour gym session, you must carry a water bottle with around 2 cups of water or any liquid along with you.

Shaker Water Bottle Online

Best Liquids to Stay Hydrated while Playing or Working Out
Water Wonders: For almost all sports activities and gym session, good old water will do the trick for you. To be really precise with the amount, you can weigh yourself before starting the activity and weigh again after you are done. For each pound of water-weight lost, drink around 20 ounces of it.
Fruit Juices: You can take fruit juices diluted with water to provide yourself with carbohydrates for gaining energy and minerals for replacing lost electrolytes (like sodium, magnesium, potassium etc) through sweat.
Energy Drinks: Sports drinks give the much needed energy-boost during such physical activities. Their intake can rapidly increase sugar level (glucose level) that is circulating in blood. Ideally, such drinks provide around 14 gms carbohydrates, 100 mg sodium and 28 mg potassium, per serving of 8-ounces. Do not go for carbonated options, as bubbles can upset your stomach. Most of such sports drinks are diluted well and contain very few calories.

Sports/Gym/Shaker Water Bottle Online
For carrying fruit juices or any energy drink or may be even plain water to keep yourself hydrated during a sport or gym session, water bottles play an important role. It is important to get yourself a good water bottles. You can get such Shaker Bottles For Gym as online sports stores have these under sports accessories. Online shopping is easy and you can choose from a wide variety. Finding the type of bottle you need is only possible online as the items are displayed in bulk on a single webpage from where you can make your selection


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