Wondering what are the Realistic Weight Loss Strategies?

Read along to know the most Effective Weight Loss Goals

Due to the changing lifestyle which is moving ahead with a rocketing speed, we need to keep up on our health with it. Increasing work hours, travel time – doesn’t let us have a healthy diet and lifestyle. This, in turn, leads to an increase in weight as well as unwanted fat.

Thus in order to stay healthy and maintain the weight, we plan our weight loss strategies. With our thought of losing weight comes the week-long plans, month-long plans, and many more such unrealistic ones. Yes, losing 10 KG in a week is unrealistic.

What we can say is, setting weight loss goals is the more difficult step than actually losing it.

Setting extreme weight loss goals may lead to disappointment and failure – more so mentally. Putting it simply, it takes proper planning, complete commitment and time as well to succeed.

What are the few things that come to our mind? Let’s check below.

How much do I need to lose?

How to calculate how much do I need to lose?

What’s the ideal weight according to my BMI?

What should I eat?

Will only dieting work or do I need to exercise too?

How many hours should I give daily to my exercise?

If all these came to your mind too, then go ahead, we have a few suggestions for you.

Before that, we want you to think of this – DO YOU REALLY NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT?

Realistic weight loss goals

We all feel – YES, FEEL, that we need to lose weight, but does our body need to? At times, it’s the fat that makes us think that. We feel we need to lose based on how we want to look – slim, trim, fitting into lesser sized clothes.

There are a few parameters which help to decide if you really need to plan your weight loss goals. 

Your BMI – It should be more than 25
Your waist-hip ratio – It should be more than 0.8 for women and more than 1.0 for men.
Your abdominal girth measure – It should be more than 35” for women and more than 40” for men.

Now that we’ve noted all the questions, checked all the parameters and are firm on our decision to lose weight, let’s move towards our healthy weight loss program.

➣ Ways to Lose Weight Realistically

Oh, do we need to know the ways to lose weight? Isn’t dieting and exercise the plan? Resorting to salad and running on the treadmill and bike are the things for losing weight, right? 

You probably got it wrong all the while, there are many things that you need to consider while planning a weight loss program. Let’s start considering the following: 

1) The Real and Possible Loss as per the Decided Time Period

We understand that weight loss plans come up when we have to go somewhere and look just perfect. And usually, the duration of such plans is a week or two or a month at the max. So the question comes – How to set realistic weight loss goals?

According to this time period, you need to find out what’s the real weight that you can and you should lose without affecting the vitals of your body. Everybody has an ideal body weight, for example, a woman having a height of 5 feet shall weigh 45KG and for every inch more than that, your ideal weight goes up by 2.26 KG.

So accordingly, your ideal weight loss or healthy weight loss per week should be about 5-10 % of your body weight or you can say about 1-1.5 KG a week. 

2) Divide the Long Term Goal into Smaller Goals

We, based on our lifestyle just planned to go for a weight loss program and set a few goals to be achieved in the long term, say 6 months or a year. The question then comes, how to distribute or plan this goal to make it a success.

short-term weight loss goals

Suppose your goal is to reduce 10 KG overall and you plan it to do so in total 6 months of time, then you should divide it evenly for shorter terms and achieve the smaller goals.

Now, what you need to decide is how to divide and what is the ideal break up for smaller goals. You can divide into months or weeks as per your comfort. Suppose you’ve decided to break it into months, then the question that comes is: “How much weight can I lose in 1 month?” or “What is the ideal weight loss per month?”. Here we will again suggest to plan it according to your BMI and how overweight you are.

The first few months are pretty much hard to get into the schedule, so go slow in the first month and set a small goal for the starting – increase gradually with the upcoming months. Even modest and regular weight loss can help improve the blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar along with triglyceride level

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3) Why Divide the Goals into Smaller Ones

▸ If we achieve these smaller goals, it gives us a little bunch of happiness and motivates us to move further.
▸ It helps us know our speed and adjust further accordingly.
▸ It helps us understand how our body is reacting to sudden changes.
▸ It helps you stay away from chronic diseases.

4) Be Realistic About How Long Will It Take According to Your Goals

The other way round of possible planning is to decide the realistic time for reducing the decided amount of weight. To help you decide your timeline, you should have answers about certain questions like “What is the safe weight loss per month?”, “How much weight I can lose in 2 weeks?” or “How long does it take to lose weight?” can help you decide your timeline.

How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

Your timeline and duration of the weight loss program should be realistic and slow. So, for losing about 0.5 KG – 1 KG a week, you need to reduce about 500-1000 calories more than what you consume every day, which can be achieved by a Calorie Deficit Diet and regular light to medium exercise in the starting months.

Now that we’ve spoken about a calorie deficit diet and reducing the calories through a burnout, are you wondering How many calories should I eat to lose weight? We will elaborate it in the next section.

Such a steady and realistic weight loss goal will even keep you away from sudden reactions from the body’s vitals. Our body system has a habit of reacting to sudden changes to its functioning, thus, letting it accept the changes slowly is the best way to stay healthy and continue with your plan.

So, all we can suggest is that, if you’ve to lose about 5 KG, make a month as your target, if 10 KG is your target then make it about 2 months as the duration – SET REALISTIC WEIGHT LOSS GOALS.

5) Eat Healthy – Not Less

The most important question is now being answered – How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

Increase of weight starts with disordered eating. We generally get into the habit of nibbling while sitting and working. And these nibblers are mostly fat enhancers. So the first thing that we need to reduce is nibbling on these fat increases.

But giving up on fat increasing food items and lowering down the calorie intake doesn’t mean compromising on the taste and satisfaction of eating. You can still keep up the taste in other dishes which have fewer calories.

healthy weight loss

You should try shifting slowly to more plant-based foods – vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These foods are rich in vitamins & minerals, proteins and just enough of carbohydrates. Out of these food options, have the least of the ones which are carbohydrate-rich, for example, Potato – reduce the intake.

If you’ve been wondering how to lose weight in a week, then you should be planning to cut down on your sugar intake, replace fat oils with healthy oils like olive oil, have healthy fats like avocado, nuts and last but not the least, choose low-fat dairy products.

A check on the diet shall surely help you to reach the goal weight. 

6) Exercise Enough – Not Excess

Now comes the counterpart of dieting which can help you to reach your goal weight – Exercise. Exercise or a burn of calories is or should definitely be a part of setting weight loss goals.

Thinking what’s the ideal exercise time per day? It all depends on your intensity of activities, duration, and frequency. One of the best ways to start on your healthy weight loss strategies is to have a regular and steady aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise can include an at least 30 min brisk walk, climbing stairs instead of using elevators for fewer floors. Taking a break from work and taking a small walk every now and then shall keep your metabolism at par and help you to feel active as well.

healthy weight loss strategies

To add on and to gradually increase your physical exercise time, it is suggested to again increase your aerobic time. Hit the gym, get on the treadmill or an exercise bike, and you’re set to achieve your weight loss goals in the set time period.

7) Track Your Progress

Now that you’ve planned and even started working on your fat loss strategies, and you feel you’re closer to achieving what is a realistic weight goal, it’s time you track your performance and your progress. 

Realistic weight loss goals

According to the smaller mini-goals that we suggested you set above, we now suggest that it’s important to keep a record of what you’ve achieved so far. Points to look for:

▸ Have I reached my ideal weight loss per month? (If a month was duration goal)
▸ Am I keeping up to my own deadlines?
▸ Have I reduced enough calories in my diet?
▸ Am I eating healthy enough?
▸ Have I reduced a few inches?

If all of the above or most of the above gets checked, then you’re moving in the right direction, otherwise, it is suggested that you bring some changes in your plan and adjust accordingly.

If you feel that you need to add more of physical time, then go ahead and add some more hours at weekends when you can dedicate more time on machines. But if you’re satisfied with your performance, keep up the good work and pace. 

8) Make It a Fun Activity – Enjoy Every Bit – No Regrets

Dieting and exercising in weight loss program should never let you feel the regret of opting for it. We understand that cheesy, spicy food items are very alluring and at times tasty too, but they’re definitely fatty. At times, even if you consume them, you can burn that out with some extra physical effort. So do not regret. 

Enjoy the food that you’re including in your diet – make it tasty by adding your hint of spices, don’t just live on boiled veggies. Give it the taste with the right amount of spices and oils. 

enjoy your gym time

Enjoy your gym time – make friends, share your experiences with them, learn from their experiences. This will help you to analyze and modify your plan too. If you’ve run the treadmill an extra mile and feel tired, do not regret it, it’s going to pay back to you!

After all that you’ve been doing for your ideal goal weight, treat and reward yourself by indulging in activities you love – for girls, what can be better than shopping for new clothes?!

Just keep the positive attitude up all the time and keep achieving what you’ve planned out. It keeps you motivated to go further. 

Now that you know the basics and have read through the effective weight loss tips,

Get up, get a calendar out, and set your timeline along with a detailed plan about dieting and exercising. We’re sure, you’ll get the size you want to fit in and rock out all the more again!

➣ FAQs Related to Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Q. Can I lose weight by walking?

As we mentioned above as well, yes walking is effective. But it needs to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet.

On average, it is said that walking for about 1.6 KM burns about 100 calories or we can say 90 calories per mile. This can help in setting weight-loss goals depending on your height, sex, and age.

Since we need to burn about 500-1000 calories more than we eat in a day, we cannot depend on walking only as a physical exercise to cut on our weight and thus need to combine it with other forms of exercise too with a controlled diet.

Q. What foods help burn belly fat?

Have you ever thought that dieting and losing weight can be exciting and fun too? Yes, it can be. If you ask us about effective weight loss tips, then we say, include the below in your diet:

  • The first and foremost – the most common that we know of, of course, Green Tea. It helps increase the metabolism and 3 cups a day will help you to burn about 30 calories a day.
  • Citrus foods, especially rich in Vitamin C. Fruits like Oranges help you to burn fat 30% more fat while exercising than any other fruit. So a combination of citrus fruits and a medium level exercise can help you answer “how to lose weight in 2 weeks”.
  • Our very own Bananas because it is rich in potassium which can help limit the body swelling sodium in the body.
  • Berries, the antioxidant source that helps improve the blood flow. Having Yogurt and Berries before your workout can make the muscles ready for the activity.

Q. Can I lose weight without exercising?

We know we need to burn 500-1000 calories more than what we consume, exercising is the only way to do so. Whatever amount of calorie we may reduce and control in our intake, we do need to burn some of it.

Thus, exercising daily for about 30-60 minutes is appropriate.

Q. What is a reasonable weight loss goal per month?

If you’re still asking “how much weight can I lose in 1 month” and if you can lose without exercising, then let us answer them for you.

You can lose up to 1-2 KG a week when you include exercising in your strategies of safe weight loss per month. So on an average, you can reduce about 5-6 KGs in a month.

If you’re thinking what the healthy weight loss per week is, then we can say that including a heavy exercise regime along with a calorie deficit diet shall let you reduce about 3 KG a week at the maximum.

Q. Will I lose weight eating 1000 calories a day?

If you’re asking “how to lose weight in a week”, then eating 1000 calories a day is definitely the answer. Yes, you can eat. For women, it should be 1000-1200 calories and for men, it should be 1200-1600 calories a day. Eat optimum.

Q. Does vinegar burn fat?

Yes, Vinegar can help, but only of certain types, like, Apple Cider Vinegar. Having a spoon will lead to a loss of about 1.2 KG a week whereas 2 spoons will lead to a loss of 1.7 KG.

Now that most of your questions have been answered, we hope now you know how long it takes to lose weight and what is a realistic weight loss goal. So Happy Weight Losing!


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