With these fast-pacing times, our bodies are also deteriorating at a fast pace. Wright issues have become the problem of the world, and the human community is trying it’s best to tackle them. Some people look for weight loss products and some search for the best weight gainer.

You know the repercussions of being fat and you know how important it is to be healthy in times like these. Being fit is not just a trend, it is the need of the hour. In this mission to be fit, protein is going to be your best friend.

Gaining muscle without gaining fat is the core objective and we will tell you ways to achieve it. 

But before we tell you how to gain muscle without gaining fat, promise yourself that you are going to eat good and train hard. These two things must be kept in mind as you look forward to losing weight and gaining muscle. So, now without further ado, let’s jump into the tips for gaining muscle.

1. The Ideal Healthy Way of Life

A healthy body comes from a healthy diet. And in your case, it’s muscle gaining diet. You have to make sure of these three things:

  • Having a muscle gaining meal plan around lean protein
  • Include nutrient-rich, low-glycemic carbs
  • And a considerable amount of healthy fats

2. Eating the Healthy Way

You must be knowing that muscles are made of protein, and you need to increase your protein intake. Amino acids are responsible for making a protein that are the building blocks of muscle. It is required by your body for repair and recovery purposes. You will break a lot of tissues in your daily workouts and therefore, balancing it out with the right amount of protein becomes extremely crucial. 

Remember, that protein is made outside the gym. You may spend 1-2 hours in the gym each day, however, it’s the other time when the body gets the results.

Consume good quality protein. When you eat non-fried, lean sources of protein, you maximize your chances of building muscles with the least increase in body fat. The best sources of good protein are egg whites, chicken breast, quality protein supplements, turkey, 98 percent or leaner ground beef, and fish.

3. Don’t Neglect the Carbs & Healthy Fats

When you try gaining muscle weight, you might focus on protein so much that you may forget about the healthy carbs and fats which is wrong, of course!

Carbs and fats are equally important. You are supposed to consume them regularly, but not in an out-of-control way because that can lead to weight gain. For some, gaining muscle on keto could be useful, however for those who are into tough training, your consumption has to raise up to 500g of carbs each day. You just have to make sure that your body actually utilizes them entirely.

Above all, junk foods, artificial sugars, refined flour are foods to avoid when gaining muscle. Make sure you don’t get lured by them. 

4. Start Using Healthy Oils

Now you must have understood that healthy fats aren’t a contradicting term to your gaining muscle fitness goal. It is actually an important component while you are gaining muscle while losing fat. 

There are a few recipes that cannot be made without oil, so consider substituting your regular refined oil with olive oil. It will be a healthier source of fat. 

5. Alkalize Your Diet

If your healthy diet contains too many acid-producing foods, your body will have to store fat to house the excess acid. Not a good thing at all!

So, a good idea will be adding fat-burning alkaline-producing foods and beverages. A few examples are lemon water, apples, carrots, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), apple cider vinegar, leafy greens, celery, and tomatoes. They are all beneficial for your pH balance.

Female gym athlete

6. Keep Moving

Work out is essential while you keep eating a clean diet. You are not just supposed to eat clean but also, indulge yourself in training. Being lazy is a big no when you are the mission of gaining muscle. 

Be active. Don’t just go to the gym and sit for the rest of the time. Sitting at one place for longer hours encourages your body to secrete stress hormones. Try moving every 45 minutes of work. Take a short walk, take some green tea. It will boost your efficiency as well. 

7. Don’t Cardio Yourself to Death

Cardio is great, but too much cardio isn’t right. It may help you with gaining muscle. It releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which breaks down the tissues.

Doing too much cardio, without consuming calories, slows downs the metabolic process and that interferes with your anabolic process of muscle development. So, do some cardio but in a reasonable amount. 

8. Sufficient Sleep

In these days, when stress is your 24*7 companion, sleep could be your savior. Stress can lead to an increase in fat whereas sleep is the ultimate fat-burning activity. Your body requires more calories to sleep than to just rest. If your sleep cycle and sleeping hours are not up to the mark, gaining muscle could be a tough thing. Deep sleep leads to fat-burning.


To Sum Up

The entire process of gaining muscle is a sheer test of consistency, grit, and perseverance. More than the physical toughness, you need to be mentally strong. You have to make sure that you don’t give up on yourself. 

Remember that the process is not going to be as faster. Gaining muscle is not like an aggressive fat-loss diet that changes your look quickly. Gaining muscle takes more time than general physical transformation practices. 

Stick to the muscle gaining diet and be true to yourself. Keep a goal so that you can track your journey of this transformation. The end result is going to be very rewarding and will make you extremely proud and confident. And by confident, we mean not just physically confident but also, confident about determination and hard work. 

Thank you for reading!

Feature Image: Pixabay


: Randolph Ray works as a nutritionist for years and can explain the nutrition contents in food to help you resolve eating disorders. Also, he is fond of yoga and likes writing articles on his blog.