How to Buy a Stationary Bike?

What to look for in an Exercise Bike?

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One of the best home gym fitness equipment, an exercise bike can help in burning calories and leave a better impact on leg joints and knees. Exercise cycle for weight loss is one of the best options for people who are aiming to lose some fat and trying to be fit to improve their health.

It’s a known fact that physical exercise in some form can boost your immune system, keep your body fit, and can manage your weight.

Exercise cycles are quite popular as they are easy-to-use, light-weight and the users can fold them after the work out sessions. Besides, they can be used in any weather.

Just like any other fitness equipment, the exercise bike has various variants available for the users. Each type of exercise bike is made up of different materials and has its own pros and cons.

Now we are here to discuss the exercise bike buying guide in detail followed by the benefits of exercise bike.

1) Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Buy an Exercise Cycle

Precise homework before making a purchase is always helpful. Before you buy your first bike do reflect on these questions and consider them while making your final decision.

  • Do you need a recumbent or upright bike?
  • Check the space you have to keep your exercise bike, if it is small then a small manual bike can be considered, but if you have a room try looking for an electronic programmable bike.
  • Will you be interested in buying a brand new one or a second-hand exercise bike that can solve your purpose?
  • Figure out the budget to filter the options for the exercise bike.

2) Key Benefits of Best Exercise Bikes

The exercise bikes have their own set of methods for its users:-

benefits of exercise cycle

▸ Weight Loss

Cycling is a very effective form of exercise for weight loss. The gym cycle offers an efficient way of burning calories. The users can burn about 200-300 calories by just riding a stationary exercise bike for 30 minutes. The burning of calories also depends upon the intensity of the exercise and also on the user’s weight.

▸ Toning

Cycling is always considered as the best exercise for toning your legs. Muscles that will get a workout ― First the leg and thigh muscles as well as the buttocks (or glutes) and then the abdominals and back muscles. On an upright bike, you tend to use more of your upper-body muscles than on a recumbent.

▸ Muscle Strengthening

The exercise bikes, especially the stationary ones, work tirelessly for strengthening and supporting the various muscle groups like hamstring, thigh, leg, and back of your body. While working out on the exercise bike, two kinds of strokes are used i.e. pull and push. The pushing down the pedals allows the working out for quads while pulling out is one of the best ways to strengthen your hamstrings. Since you are riding them on flat terrain, the exercise bikes don’t cause any stress to your knees.

▸ Heart and Health Benefits

Riding an exercise bike can strengthen your heart and lungs, while also improving your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Using a stationary bike regularly can also help regulate high blood pressure and improve respiratory function. For best results, it’s recommended that you exercise five days a week for 30 minutes.

▸ Convenience

Whether the weather outside is cold, rainy or hot, you can exercise with your bike at home, and your work schedule does not get hamper because of any change. The recumbent bikes can be kept at home, patio, or bedroom to workout at your convenience. Also, it allows you to catch up with your TV shows, books, newspapers, or you can keep an eye on your children as well.

▸ Easy on the Joints

Jogging, running, etc. are always known for being hard on your joints because of the stress and quantum of impact involved. The exercise bike is found to be an excellent way to pace your heartbeat without stressing on your joints. If you know how to paddle your bike, then you will see that you need to slightly bend towards the down pedal stroke. In any case, if it is too straight or bent then you need to adjust your saddle.

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▸ Cardio Benefits

Cardio exercise regulates blood sugar helps reduce blood pressure and may prevent heart attacks. Hopping on an exercise bike is an exceptional means because it is going to enable your heart to be effective at pumping blood to work your body. Additionally, it works hard to improve good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. To put it Just, riding an exercise bicycle for 30 minutes per day for a handful of times each week may prolong your life.

3) What to look for in Exercise Cycles?

There are a few prerequisites that you show to know for choosing your first exercise bike:

▸ How Much Space Do You Have?

The exercise bike is a compact piece for cardio equipment. This is the core reason why they are ideal for people who don’t want to dedicate much room for working out or storing the machine when it’s not in use. The bikes are approx about 2ft wider, and in length, they are 4 ft long, the exact size will depend on the model you are buying for.

Some more room is required when it allows exercising safely while getting off and on the bike and for ensuring that people can move safely. Children are mainly to be kept away from bikes, and the bikes should have about 2ft on all sides to dismount safely.

▸ Take a Trial

Always seek a test before you buy out the best exercise bike for home. The exercise bike can vary in shapes and sizes but while trying at any store, get it adjusted to your size to give it a try. Always try to check the pedals for your feet and seat for their comfortability.

For example, if an exercise bike can adjust people up to a height of 6 feet 2 inches than the users of height 5 feet 7 inches can hit their knees on bike handlebars. 

▸ Warranty

Always look for the warranty and choose the one that provides you with 2 to 3 years of coverage on its moving parts and another year for labor. The repair cost and failure probability are shown to be taken care of while checking the warranty for any bike.

▸ Features Of Exercise Bikes

The exercise bikes are said to be offering many exclusive features for the bikes:

exercise cycle for weight loss

a) Display

Always look for the easy to control buttons and bright display. The display to opt for will show you the speed, calories burnt, resistance levels, distance, time, and heart rate. The computer console mounted on the exercise bikes are compatible with the power console and can display the left and right leg power, allowing the user to know his efficiency of cycling and also identifying any kind of muscle imbalance in their body.

b) Resistance

Always look for the bike having many workout levels. Nowadays, most of the electric bikes have resistance control and can be adjusted electronically through them. There are three types of resistance in exercise bikes: Direct Contact, Magnetic and Fan Based. The resistance is applied for adding tension and for some magnetic systems they are known to be quiet and for their durability.

Chain-driven and belt equipped bikes offer effective workouts but can be a bit louder, so keep this factor in mind while making your purchase. The bikes provide a variety of tension settings to challenge users for all age and experience groups.

c) Programming

The exercise bike can allow you to adjust your routines based on your level of fitness, considering age, gender, weight, etc. The pre-set programs can be customized as per the user’s requirement and ensure efficient workout based on their body resistance.

d) Heart-Rate Monitor

The exercise bikes tend to include a monitor usually embedded in the handgrip, but nowadays many models can also allow you to link it in your chest strap monitor for the best results. The heart-rate monitor will enable you to set up your intensity while working out sessions.

e) Safety

Following the manufacturer’s directions is very important for the exercise bike users as they have many moving parts. Always make sure that your bike is locked and away from the reach of your children. If your bike doesn’t have a safety lock try to keep it away from your children.

f) Handlebars, Adjustable Seat, and Comfortability

The exercise bike you choose should have a comfortable design and padding with the perfect adjustments for achieving the ideal fit. As there can be instances when users find the seat to be uncomfortable, and this is the reason why the trial is a must. The recumbent exercise bikes have comfortable seats with back support. To increase comfort, users can add a padded seat on their bike.

g) Durability

Even an inexpensive bike can serve the purpose and can offer comfort to work out for long sessions. Do look for specifications for weight capacity and warranty conditions before you place your order.

▸ Importance of Setting up the Bike Properly

The exercise bike is known to offer a cardiovascular exercise, which is easy on joints and is approachable for the fitness quest. The wrong set-up can result in injury and discomfort throughout the body.

The indoor cycles are quite adjustable ones offering significant benefits over “one size fits all” for household exercise options. The cycles provide many customized options desired by experienced riders and cyclists who spend hours in training and know-how small adjustments can create significant differences in their comfort and form. No doubt, the right fit will improve your workout efficiency and can bring higher power outputs to the users

▸ Size

The stationary bikes equipped with the dual-action feature can be of 39 inches in length, height 48 inches, and width of 27 inches. If you are not very sure which size you desire, then think of your comfort level. Other things to consider can be the size of the seat or space for keeping your bike and at last the budget.

▸ Weight

If you are buying for your household, look for the one that is of minimal weight as you need to shift the same from one corner to another. For a gym owner, a heavy bike can also serve the purpose as they receive bulky as well as lightweight clients for working out. So, a heavy bike can serve the purpose of commercial projects.

▸ Price

Most of the stationary bikes are reasonably priced. The users can check the price range can go up to a lakh while they can find the best one in 7000 INR too. The price range can be on any side and it makes the interactive bikes as one of the affordable ones. If you are looking for an online platform, you can avail their EMI option to buy out the best exercise cycle in India

▸ Flywheel Weight

Once you look for exercise bikes online, you will find people are talking about Flywheel a lot. The Flywheel is the wheel situated on the bike front. It can be considered as a perimeter to give your workout the desired momentum.

As you start turning the wheels, the Flywheel also turns. Because it is connected to the pedals through the belt drive or chains, most of the time the users look for the heavy Flywheel as heavier it is, the harder it will get turning. If you are working out for a more extended period, it can take time to slow down because for the momentum building up, and the Flywheel carries on turning even after the user has stopped pedaling.

The benefit of attaching the heavy Flywheel is the smooth-riding and substantial motion which provides the best riding experience. This helps in preventing injuries for your joints and can prevent you from the jerks due to the changes in speed you get when you use light Flywheel.

4) Types of Exercise Bikes

The adventurous exercise bikes fall into three groups i.e., recumbent bikes, indoor cycles, and upright bikes. To buy out the best one for you, one should know the features of each type of bike that can offer them.

▸ Recumbent Bikes

recumbent exercise bike

They are known for their recline design. The seat is like a chair allowing the users to lean back comfortably and are designed to place the pedal in front of the feet. The handlebars are also fixed at the sides, and the bikes are specialized in reducing the stress on knees. They usually are well known for offering low-intensity workouts and prove to be helpful in knee or back issues. They are fitted with exclusive features like TVs and monitors.

▸ Upright Bikes

Nest Exercise Cycle for Home

They are the traditional bikes used in home gyms or gym centers for years. The pedals are aligned beneath the feat, and the seat supports the weight of the users. Although they are majorly built for exercising the lower body, few of their models do engage the upper part of the body muscles as well. The traditional models have the smallest footprint, minimal design, and are easy to transport from one place to another. Some of their models do have TVs installed and require an electric connection to operate.

▸ Indoor/Spin Cycles

Best Exercise Bike Brand in India

Indoor cycles are quite similar to the upright cycles; just a few differences are there. The handlebar installed in indoor cycles seems to be farther away and while working out shifts the riders in forwarding direction. The indoor cycle even allows the users to cycle while standing and engage more muscles during a workout session. They usually run without electricity, and this is the core reason why they lack features like heart monitors, TV, etc.

▸ Air or Fan Bike

Best Exercise Cycle in India

The Air or Fan Bike works with the wind resistance i.e., the harder you pedal, the more resistance you will face. The bike allows the workouts for the lower and upper body to be done simultaneously or independently as well.

Wrapping Up

We tried our best to cover all of the important aspects you need to consider when buying an exercise bike. Before spending money on one, consider how you’re going to use it. There is an exercise bike for everyone, from serious cyclists to regular users – you just need to find the right one for you.

So now you’re armed with what to look for when looking at an exercise bike in India.

This article covers the most important considerations when choosing an exercise bike. We recommended starting by deciding on a budget and type of bike, before moving onto specific models that match your requirements.

The good news is that there really is an exercise bike out there for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or athlete, have a tight budget or want a premium model, there are some excellent bikes available

FAQs Related to – How to Choose the Best Exercise Bike?

Q. How to resolve the issue if my bike is too easy or hard to pedal?

Have a look at the owner’s manual for adjusting the desired tension cable if in any case you are using the mechanical resistance bike.

Q. How to select a bike of right saddle height?

While selecting the exercise bike try sitting on the saddle or the seat, check your position with the bottom pedal, your knees should be slightly bent.

Q. Is it safe to work out on an exercise bike if my weight exceeds the maximum weight limit for the brand?

Every exercise bike has its maximum weight limit. The chances are high that bike can collapse if you exceed the weight. To last long always try to buy out the bike as per your weight to avoid future problems.

Q. Do you know the difference between the spin bike and upright bike?

The stationary or upright bike is known to have a comfortable seat and has fixed levels for resistance, computer console, workout programs, and heart sensors. These bikes are considered as best for seated workouts.

Spin or indoor cycling bikes is comprised of multi-grip handlebars, racing saddle and can be used in sitting and standing position. They tend to offer an intense workout and indoor training.

Q. Does exercise bikes require regular maintenance?

The chain-driven exercise bikes need to be oiled occasionally but if you are using the electromagnetic system the bikes don’t require any maintenance. But try to keep your bike clean and do wipe off the sweat to prevent your machine from corrosion.


Do know about a few things that will help you in working out on your exercise bike:

  • While working out always keep your upper body relaxed and your shoulder should be away from your ears.
  • Sit lightly on the bike seat and for supporting your back try using your abdominals
  • Always make sure that your exercise bike should fit you properly. In case of any issues try speaking to the merchant with whom you have brought this bike or your trainer to know the right height of the seat as you are not supposed to sit or stand away from the handlebars.
  • Read the user manual and know your equipment to be safe while working out. Learn to adjust the intensity and create new program options.
  • Initiate slowly and build up intense or long workouts.
  • Figure out the right gear for yourself. Buy a pair of padded shorts or seats to add comfort.

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