Keeping yourself fit and enjoying your life must top your wish list of most desirous things. People do lots of things to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not just dieting helps you remain in shape and keep you healthy, a daily routine of proper workout is also very much necessary to remain fit and fine. To many people, starting an exercise is a very dreadful experience. At the beginning, they do enrol their names for the gyms, but the very first view of a gym with hefty machines all around makes the perception of the experience a very scary one for them. Some are there who want to enrol with a gym to professionally build their bodies with expert intervention. For them as well as the beginners, it is very important to know about the various types of fitness equipments online as well as in stores. In a well designed gym, there are mainly two types of equipment: Free weight and machines. The most basic types of body building machines are the free weights. These equipments are named so as there are no attached pulleys, cables, weight sacks or pins attached to them. The most varied activities are performed by machine gym equipments. There are machines, which work one single muscle and also for a number of muscles. Nowadays, the machines used at homes are mostly multi-station as they work for a number of muscles and that too taking up little space of your house. The few common types of free weight and machine fitness equipments are described below:

Free Weights

  • Barbells: This type of free weight equipment is 4-7 feet long bar type equipment, on which, weight plates are placed for lifting. Barbells are lifted with both hands to give a work out to both the arm muscles.
  • Dumbbells: A short type of Barbell is of 10-15 inches. Most gyms have a rack of dumbbells with an assortment of fixed weight dumbbells. This type of fitness equipment is generally used to give an exercise to your wrist muscles.
  • EZ Curl Bars: Another very common type of home gym and free weight fitness equipment is the EZ curl bar, which is mainly used for the workout of the biceps and triceps. This is shorter than a barbell and has angular holding place as well. This is very effective in the working of the muscles in different angles.
  • Benches: The most popular piece of equipment for fitness in gym is this bench. There are generally three types of benches – flat, incline and decline.


  • Leg Press Machine: The best machine for your leg muscles that has been most popular among many fitness experts is the Leg Press Machine. Most leg press machines are inclined and are easy to lift any weight without slipping.
  • Leg Extension Machines: These machines are very useful in isolating the quadriceps. Many like this machine to warm up their knee joints.

Lat Pull Down Machine: This machine is a similar one to a chin up machine. But these Lat pull down machines are in many cases considered to be superior to the chin up machines.


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