Have you heard about Compression Wear?

Let us start from the starting. 

People are living in a very busy world, and very few people are able to take out time for them. As a result, they pay the least attention to their physical fitness. It is essential that you take out time for exercise from your tight daily schedule, so as to maintain a sound body. Because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This is the reason why it is very important that you make the most out of the time that you are giving for exercising.

The first thing that you would do is look for an excellent gym. Later on, you will get a personal trainer and buy a pair of sneakers. Apart from this, it is very much necessary that you wear clothes with the right compression. It will help you to enhance your performance and take it to the next level.

You should be specific while selecting your gym clothes. Your exercise will also depend on your gym wear.

Let us get in detail about this topic and learn about compression wear.

1) What Are Compression Workout Clothes?

what are compression clothing?

There is a huge variety of compression clothes available in the market. There is a wide range from shorts and shirts to socks and sleeves. The aim of these compression exercise clothing is to reduce the soreness of muscles, improve performance, and also bring recovery.

There is a difference between Therapeutic compression and Supportive compression.

  • Supportive compression is basically a tight shirt or sock.
  • Therapeutic compression is any clothing that has been rated at 20 mmHg or higher than that.

The researchers are still not able to find the level of compression that is recommended for recovery and performance.

If it comes to calf sleeves or socks, the major thing about therapeutic compression is that the sock is supposed to be tighter around the ankle and then looser around the calf muscles.

As per the experts, true fitness clothing should be tighter on the extremities and looser as it comes near the core.

2) What Does Compression Clothing Do?

The work of compression clothes is to support the lymphatic and vein drainage system. It will ensure that the blood flows in the right direction. When you work out, the oxygenated is delivered to the entire body from the heart. When the oxygen is absorbed, and it has been utilized by skin and muscles, the blood that is deoxygenated is sent back to the heart.

This is the step where the work of compression clothing material comes in the picture.

The contraction of muscles drives the flow of the blood due to which the blood is squeezed in the veins. The valves present in the veins on the arms and legs ensure that the blood travels only in one direction that is towards the heart.

There are a lot of people who have leaky valves in their veins. These leaky valves are mostly present in the legs. As a result of this, some of the blood or the fluid will be pooled in the ankles due to gravity. The blood or the fluid could leak in the surrounding tissues, and it could cause irritation or inflammation that could be perceived as ankle swelling, discomfort, ache, pain, fatigue, and restlessness.

As per the experts, compression clothing material can offer joint stability. This stability is not like the one that you might get from a knee brace, but it helps you to absorb the shock. 

These compression wear could help you to reduce the oscillation of muscles ( this is the movement of muscles happening due to vibrations resulting when the foot hits the ground) during running or other high-impact workouts. Compression wear maintains good blood flow and reduces muscle oscillation.

There is some hypothesis which suggests that compression might increase oxygenation of the tissues, reduce inflammation, improve the biomechanics of exercise, and also improve muscle recovery and repair.

3) What Are the Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing?

compression workout clothes benefits

You will be amazed to look at the compression clothes workout benefits. Let us have a look at some of the compression wear benefits.

▸ Provide Support

Compression shirt, leggings, and socks could provide great support to your body and also stabilize the body parts when you are training. The compression shirt will add pressure to your muscles when you are exercising, and it will support your strain. The pressure applied to your muscles will help your blood circulation.

▸ Reduction of Muscle Soreness

As per the researchers, you can reduce fatigue and muscle soreness by wearing gym wear. It is not only effective while exercising, but even after that if you keep on wearing compression clothes.

Compression gym wear can help you to enhance your performance. The onset of muscle soreness is delayed or prevented by wearing fitness clothing. This is the reason why people prefer to wear gym clothes when they are asked to exercise.

▸ Recovery Enhancement

The muscles get stretched and worn out after exercising. It takes some time for the muscles to rebuild. The process of rebuilding is sped up by wearing compression clothes after exercising. The compression workout clothes will reduce fatigue and also increase blood pressure. This will be very helpful in rebuilding the muscles as well as healing the broken muscle tissues.

Men compression tights and compression tights women could help to ease the swelling of muscles very quickly. These recovery compression tights speed up the process of rebuilding the muscle tissues. This is the reason why men and women compression tights are preferred by people while they have to go for extreme exercises.

▸ Improves Flexibility

Compression wear benefits

The most prominent feature of compression clothing material is that it is very stretchable. During the time of exercise, there are several different movements performed by the body like extending, lifting, and stretching. Compression clothing for gym is a perfect choice because it supports you with all the moves.

There are some people who would like to wear loose clothes while exercising. It is very dangerous to wear loose clothes while exercising, due to the risk of tripping or clothes getting entangled with the equipment. If you are wearing tighter clothes, then the flexibility of the clothing will allow you to exercise safely. You must always wear compression gear for the gym.

▸ Stay Dry

You sweat a lot while working out and normal clothes do not get dried up very easily. The compression wears like tank tops are usually made of materials like nylon or polyester, which gets dried up very fast. These clothes are not water repellant, but they lift the water on the surface of the clothing and then it evaporates easily. It becomes very uncomfortable to move around when your clothes get wet with your own sweat.

▸ Performance Enhancement

You must definitely consider wearing compression clothes if you are a sportsperson. Compression clothes will help in enhancing your performance. For instance, compression shorts can improve the jumping performance of an athlete. The jumping ability of an athlete can be regained by wearing compression shorts even after an intensive workout.

▸ Better Perceived Exertion

If you have low perceived exertion, then it means you will need fewer efforts for a workout. If you are a lover of endurance races and extreme sports, then you will understand the importance of low perceived exertion in a better way.

As per the studies made earlier, the endurance runners who have made use of compression socks and shorts find their exercise and training to be much bearable.

▸ Offers Breathability

Compression wear is tight, but it is made breathable. There are various compression clothes that have been made to allow air circulation that helps the users to stay cool and breathe properly during exercises.

It is time for you to come out of your college t-shirts and equip yourself with genuine gym wear. There are several advantages to wearing compression clothes while exercising. It not only prevents you from injuries, but they also help in improving your physique.

4) Do Compressions Wear Really Work?

There is very less evidence to rely on real physiological benefits. For instance, as per the study in 2008, it had been tested on the rugby players. The report had been placed in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. According to the report, there was a reduction in the soreness of muscles, but there was no effect on the performance of the rugby players after using compression clothes.

The same journal had done another analysis in 2013. According to this report, there had been modest positive effects on some specific movements like jumping and sprinting with the use of compression wear. There were small-to-moderate positive effects on the recovery of power and strength, blood lactate removal, muscle swelling, and delayed onset muscle soreness. 

The compression clothes had to be worn for approximately 12-48 hours even after exercising. As per some of the results, researchers suggest that compression clothing material could provide some physiological benefits. More amount of research is required for these benefits.

Another type of compression wear is the posture of improving a shirt for cycling. The researchers are still not able to support the physical benefits of these shirts.

As per the 2014 study that had been conducted in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, the cyclists that were wearing a posture improving shirt had shown a positive response. There was an improvement in their riding posture, posture after the ride, recovery of muscles, as well as spine discomfort. There were no physiological or physical tests performed on the cyclists, but this study had been made as per the reviews of the cyclists.

5) Where to Buy Compression Clothes?

There are several therapeutic compression clothes available for the arms and upper body. You will be able to find the benefits in the lower body compression wear during different activities like cycling, strength training, and running. These benefits are mainly due to gravity. The reason behind it is because there are more leaky valves in the lower limbs than in the upper limbs.

Compression wear is not sportswear, due to which you need to make sure that you are buying the right compression clothes. There are several brands and companies that are manufacturing compression clothes in the market and selling them.

Supacore is one of the brands that are selling compression clothes in the market.

Supacore stands out among the different companies in the market because it manufactures only the seamless compression products that could assist with the recovery of the hip, back, core, and groin. It also prevents injuries from happening. The products are manufactured by using unique seamless technology that enables specific compression. 

Features of Supacore Compression Wear

Supacore compression clothes could be worn by all the athletes who are suffering from the groin, hamstring, and back injuries. It helps them to recover faster from the injuries. It could help the athletes to increase their core stability. The athletes who need increased blood circulation, faster recovery and less damage to the soft tissues should also try these compression clothes.  

▸ Benefits of Supacore Compression Clothing

  • The main advantage of compression clothing material is that it supports you not only during a rigorous workout but also after an injury.
  • The fitness clothing is designed in a way that it can deliver a specific amount of pressure to the limb that has been affected. It could be an injury, or it could even be a targeted area for a high-intensity workout.
  • The pressure that has been applied helps in improving the blood circulation and also allows a free range of movement. Your muscles are kept firmly in their place, and the flow of blood to the muscles is also increased.
  • The compression clothes can protect your muscles from the chilling air when they have been kept still from straining. 

Compression clothing for weight loss is another great thing. Compression clothes not only help you to reduce fatigue and enhance your performance, but it also helps in weight loss. 

Wrapping Up

The people who are more into endurance workouts must definitely wear compression clothes. These compression clothes are best for the athletes to enhance their performance. Compression clothes are very supportive during the time of recovery from injuries. It is more preferable to wear compression clothes during exercise than loose clothes.

Compression clothes help in reducing muscle soreness and discomfort in the muscles. The people who are looking for weight loss must also try this compression clothing for weight loss.

FAQs Related to Compression Wear

Q. Is it better to workout in tight or loose clothes?

One should prefer wearing loose and comfortable clothes. But if you are doing any activities such as biking, running, and athletics, then you must avoid wearing loose clothes. Loose clothes will come in your way during these activities. For instance, it could also happen that the loose pants get tangled up in the pedals or even in your feet. If you are doing activities such as yoga, then you can prefer wearing loose clothes, but you must wear tight clothes while exercising.

Q. Do compression clothes help you lose weight?

When you wear compression clothes, it increases sweating, which accelerates weight loss. If you wear tight-fitting or compression clothes in a particular area, then it will increase the amount of sweat released in that particular area. Water weight loss is considered to be the first line of weight loss, and compression clothes work on the same thing. It helps you to release more sweat which in turn helps you to lose weight more effectively.

Q. Why is compression good for muscles?

Compression is considered to be very good for the muscles because it helps to stabilize them and also decreases the number of vibrations in the muscles. This results in reduced fatigue. Some of the prominent benefits of compression are enhanced performance with the help of increased flow of blood, fast recovery, reduction in muscle soreness, and reduction in fatigue.

Q. Should I wear compression clothing regularly?

Most of the athletes prefer to wear compression clothing during the time of exercise, and also for several more hours after the completion of the exercise. The main benefit of compression clothing is that it helps in speeding up the recovery of muscles, and also getting rid of the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Compression clothing is very helpful for a short period of time after exercising or any activities, but there is no guarantee about its benefits for a long period of time. You can wear them daily for several hours.


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