All the cricket enthusiasts seem to be somewhat confused when it comes to buying a cricket bat. Yes! None seem to settle for anything which is lesser than the expectations. That’s the love for the game, which is no less than a religion in India. However, if you focus on certain key features, you can refine your search for the right cricket bat. Here look at these most important points to be considered before choosing your bat.

1. Check the Wood

It’s the quality of wood on which the strength of your bat depends. If you talk about India, states like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh have well-established cricket bat industries. Kashmiri willow is internationally acclaimed for its quality. In northwestern areas, Saal and Teak wood are used for making a cricket bat. English willow is even costlier than the Kashmiri one, owing to its exceptional quality and demand. Always go for good quality wood.

2. Know Your Style

Different players have a different style of playing. Knowing your style can be helpful in searching the perfect bat for you. With a particular style, certain area of the bat is more probable to be hit. Thus, you can choose the bat with thicker wood in that area. As a general rule, bats with lower middles boost the performance of the batsman playing on the front foot, while high middles are suited for those, who are more focused on the back foot.

3. The Right Size

Just as you should know your style of playing the game, you must also know the size of the bat that would suit you the most. A longer or a shorter bat, both are going to make your game worse. Thus, before you start your search, you must be aware of the size. You can have a rough idea by checking with any bat and then you can compare with the Cricket Bat Size Chart to find the best size. Commonly, sizes are distributed in three categories for children, youth, and adults. Size 0 to 6 is designed for children, Harrow for youth, Short handle (SH) and long handle (LH) for adults. The most popular size for adults is Short Hand (SH).

The Right Protective Accessories

While you are playing the game of cricket, you must know some of the accessories that are designed especially for your bat. You must keep these in extra stock as they can be needed any time.

  • Bat Grips: Gripping your bat securely is the foremost important thing to deliver powerful strokes. For this, a high-quality handle grip is needed. The handle grips are also very effective in absorbing the hard shock that goes directly to your wrist as you hit the ball. In fact, many players use a double or triple coating of grips to make it a good shock absorber. The rubber grips wear out very fast. They tear out suddenly at any moment. That’s why you should be ready with extra pieces. And you can easily find various quality grips at a reasonable price on online stores.


  • Toe Guard: The toe of the bat is somewhat weaker due to lesser wood concentration in that area. Also, the area is most exposed to the surface friction with the ground, water, and surroundings. This often leads to cracking and tearing at the edges. Therefore, you need to protect and shield this area with replaceable toe guards regularly for longer life.



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