Cricket is very popular in India among all ages. There are many young enthusiasts who not only love watching the game but also, are pretty much eager to play the game like their favorite cricketers. However, one huge hurdle that most of the beginners encounter is the fact that they don’t really know how to […][ Read more ]
Carrom, a popular household game is said to have originated in the houses of South Asian nations. Its popularity is no more confined to India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal now. It is a worldwide recognized game needing lots of practice to pocket carrom men and red-colored beautiful queen.  Every country has established […][ Read more ]
Pool or Billiards, Just Strike the Ball with Your Cue and Pocket It! Your friends might have invited you to come along for a game of pool or snooker. It is usually played as a casual game in pubs and bars; playing a game of pool is considered cool. If you are a frequent visitor […][ Read more ]
Squash Is Ball and Wall Game Playing squash is not all about techniques and skills; it is more about the stamina. Also, it is more about your capacity to maneuver yourself inside the court; and about checking your strengths and weaknesses all the time. You need court coverage; you need stamina! You are required to […][ Read more ]