It’s a very popular indoor family game played in almost every dwelling, but people are always eager to know the facts. What is carrom? Carrom or carom is an indoor tabletop game of Indian origin based cue sports. The game is very common in the Middle East as well as in South Asia and is […][ Read more ]
Carrom, a popular household game is said to have originated in the houses of South Asian nations. Its popularity is no more confined to India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal now. It is a worldwide recognized game needing lots of practice to pocket carrom men and red-colored beautiful queen.  Every country has established […][ Read more ]
Carrom, a game that can be played in doubles as well as singles – indoor or outdoor. Carrom is one of the most enjoyable game for a family fun time, be it weekends or weekdays. How to play carrom It is played on a smooth wooden square table called carrom board using flat round carrom […][ Read more ]