Does the term Gift stress you out? Guess what? You may need some serious stress management because the Gifting season has started. While some are gearing up for Family time and gatherings this festive season others are fretting over Gifts. This calls for some happy gifting time for your employees as well! After all, you have to keep their morale boosted! If the question is what is the best Diwali gifts for employees other than sweets then read ahead to discover these Diwali gift ideas.

We all must have heard of the phrase – Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This Diwali replaces your exchange of sweets and chocolates and gifts a habit instead. A habit to keep oneself fit. A habit of self-love and self-care first. Don’t you worry, because your next Question of ‘HOW’ is very much on our minds and hence we have listed below the best fitness gifts for employees?

1) Cosco Yoga Kit

 dIwali gifts for employees : best fitness gifts

Well, Yoga is becoming popular and for a reason! Our Prime Minister also loves Yoga. If you are wondering what gift to give to the Elderly, believe us they would love this Yoga Kit! Hey, did I just say Kit? or Maybe it is the right Kickstart. This kit includes a Yoga mat for it is a must. A Yoga Block for the additional support, balance and fine-tuning of your postures. A Yoga strap for those stretches. Is it not the best Diwali gift online? And also one of the unique fitness gifts.

2) Portable Table Tennis Kit

 fitness-related gifts

If you already have a fitness freak employee who is fit enough and heads to the gym every morning and maybe even gives you information on how the Fitness routine should be; getting them a gift can be dicey sometimes because maybe they have it all maybe they don’t need it at all. A portable Table Tennis Kit will be a useful Diwali gift for them.

Afterall we would also love to see them more outside Gym and also more fit and guess what, this kit has one more pro – well the gift receiver might end up inviting you to play. So it is yours as well! Isn’t it a smart Diwali Gift Idea. This kit comes with two table tennis Racquets, Table tennis ball, and a Net. And you can start playing anywhere with a table!

3) Gym Gloves

fitness diwali gifts for employees

These help in getting a better grip helps prevent injuries or calluses, reduces pressure on your wrists and Improves hygiene. Buy your gym lover employee one and see the change in their workout confidence. We are sure you will end up buying one for yourself as well. This is one of the best workout gifts and also budget-friendly.

4) Abs Roller

corporate fitness gifts for diwali

This can be a good gift for fitness lovers. Ask why? Well to have a strong core is a must. This wheel-like roller not only enables a strong core but also a well-worked lower back. And hey all those Diwali sweets that people have had, need some rolling too! This can be a fun addition to the existing collection for the Corporate Diwali gifts as well.

5) Gym Bags

unique fitness gifts for employees

This has to be one of the most practical gifts for gym lovers. If they already have enough gym kits and accessories and also a gym membership then get them a Bag to carry all the required stuff and strut in style. A Gym bag has pockets and sleeves designed in a way that you can carry all you need for a workout at ease!

6) Resistance Band set

gift ideas for fitness lovers

These simple-looking bands work wonders. Don’t go by the looks, these bands actually make the workout more effective. This can be a Diwali gift idea for fitness lovers as it helps boost stamina, increase flexibility and improve range of motion. 

7) Dumbbells

diwali gifts for fitness lovers

A fitness gift list is incomplete without the right type of Dumbbells. From biceps to muscle building, these biceps are no more bulky, noisy. Now they are enhanced enough to change your fitness routine. A home gym without Dumbbells is incomplete and with this Fitness Diwali gift for employees, you can ensure your employees stay healthy and fit.

8) Gym Wear

A must-have for every fitness enthusiast is the right fitness gear. They are the most important in the fitness journey of your employees. Right clothing can up the game and also the confidence reflects on a person’s face.

Well, gym wear would include:

health and fitness gifts for active men and women

• Compression running shorts with tights and tops — The fabric is like the dri fit and hence breathable when you are sweating while workouts or jogging.

• Besides that for women compression tights for morning walks or even Zumba are practical choices. 

• Of course, the compression leggings and gym tops for your yoga or other workouts add the right amount of oomph to your stylish gym wear and also motivate you to work on yourself.

Never undermine the importance of the right fitness gear. It has a lot more role to play than other fancy tools. Whatever be the workout gifts, they are of no point without proper gear.

Thus it becomes one of the most useful Diwali gifts for employees.

9) Running Shoes


Oh well if you thought gifts for fitness lovers include only fitness trackers! Not at all. A gym enthusiast or a gym lover would never wear their workout footwear for any other casual activity. Also, shoes designed for an activity should be used for that particular one in order to make the most of it. Running shoes are thus by far the most happening gifts. All you need to know is the right foot size and if you don’t, not to worry Sporting8 has exchange policies. Remind your fitness freak employee, never be stagnant just keep moving! And in these shoes just keep running!

This has to be one of the best Diwali gifts for employees and also if you are looking to buy running shoes online, you can check multiple options for shoes.

10) Pull Up Bar

health and fitness gifts

Think of health and fitness-related gifts and a strong back comes to one’s mind. The right posture is definitely a must. Pull-ups are a must in upper body exercises and thus this Diwali gift will enable your employees to practice the same at the comfort of their home. These come either with options of wall mounting or doorway mounting. A Pull-up bar completes one’s gym at-home collection. It ensures a well worked out back and a fitter version of you! This again is a good gift for fitness freaks

11) Pre and Post Natal Compression Wear

Sania Mirza was known to be pregnant when playing tennis. Also, Serena Williams didn’t discontinue the sport just because she was pregnant. These women have proved that fitness is not just about gyms and yoga but about wearing the right gear and performing the sport without losing the posture. In Spite of the changes that a body goes through during pregnancy, proper wear ensures good posture,
helps in pelvic pain during pregnancy and also helps in injury prevention.

Pre Natal Wear

gifts for active women

Prenatal wear provides more support under the belly and comforts the lower back.

Supacore shorts or leggings give good support to pelvic muscles making it more stable and pain-free. It comfortably accommodates the belly and you can carry out your guided workout routine without worrying about any stress impact on the child.

Post Natal Wear

gifts for active women

This includes full leggings, belly wrap; that can be wrapped around the stomach. It covers your body from the ribs to the lower back. Thus provides support and also holds the skin in place. Another option is of the abdominal compression binder and waist trainers.

Thus it is the best idea for Diwali gifts for your active female employees, if she is into any of the above stages and is also a fitness freak, these will be the best gifts to remind her that nothing can stop her from being fit. A fit mother will bear a healthy child. Also, these gifts will ensure that her spirit to workout should not fade. Isn’t this list of Diwali gift ideas for employees already motivating you as well?

12) Kamachi Acupressure Tummy Twister

diwali employee gifts ideas

Know of a colleague or employee who complains of tummy fat? Maybe you also know that post hard days work at the office nobody really gets enthusiastic about workouts! But you wish to have a fit employee as well. In this case, you can get them fun Diwali gifts like this twister! It works on the reduction of additional tummy fat on the sides, all you have to do is stand on this tool and twist! Sounds easy and fun isn’t it? It helps burn calories and adds up to your other fitness exercises getting you the desired result.

13) 30kgs Gym Set

diwali gift items for employees

If you are looking for a perfect corporate gift item that ensures fit employee and a fit family of theirs, then gifting a home gym set is a brilliant idea. After a day at work, it is not possible for everyone to head to the gym enthusiastically. Also, there are many benefits of getting a home gym, which would mean fitness in the entire family. By human nature, we tend to play with anything that is new at home and we also tend to follow the one who is more fit.

This home gym set includes Plain rods with locks, Hand Gloves, Handgrip, Skipping rope, Dumbbells, weight plates. Different providers come with different combinations, you can find one that fits your budget and is remembered for the best corporate gift ever given

We know that we have to address your question of where do we get the above-listed items-

• There are many stores to buy the fitness gears from but when you want the best then Sporting8 has to be your one-stop destination. Besides that, if you do not get the right size or fit you can always exchange it. With the best of products and even better reviews from happy customers, Sporting8 has to be your stop every time you think of Fitness and Sports.

This Diwali stay fit, make fit and share good habits!


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