Cricket is a game that needs you to invest your 100% effort. No matter you are a batsman or a bowler, or you are deployed at fielding you have to run across the field for securing a win for your team. And in this tussle with the ground, you need something that can support your feet.

Many people have the same misconception that cricket is only about a bat, a ball, and the pitch. But cricket is something beyond that. If you want to practice cricket appropriately, then you have to invest your fortune into quality equipment as well as top-notch cricket shoes.

Yes, you heard that right! You need to invest in a quality pair of cricket shoes, which can assist you with the best grip on the field. For delivering your best performance, it is crucial to feeling comfortable all the time, and the best way to feel comfortable is getting the best cricket shoes.

We understand that markets are flooded with a number of products and it is hard to handpick the right pair. To make things easier for you, we have selected some best cricket shoes for men that can help you to get into the required form.

Stick to the article and select the best shoes for cricket that can fulfill your needs and expectations.

Before getting on with the products, here’s something you should know:

What Are the Traits of the Best Cricket Shoes?

A perfect pair of shoes isn’t just the best looking, but it should be extremely comfortable and should have the required grip to sustain the harshness of the pitch.

Here are some things to look for in a cricket shoe pair.

a) Material and Construction

Pay detailed attention to the quality of material that is used in the manufacturing of the shoes. Also, you need to pay attention to the quality of the sole. There are various materials used in manufacturing the cricket shoe sole, and you have to select the best. A preferred way to check the flexibility and robustness of shoe sole is by bending it multiple times. If you are not able to get a pair in your hand, then you can search across different platforms seeking some reviews of the sole material used in a particular pair.

b) Breathability

Cricket is a game that requires you to invest your 100% efforts, and when you are investing your efforts, your body will exhaust and sweat a lot. Here comes the importance of breathability. Shoes with breathable material allow the air to penetrate in and out which will enable you to keep stink at bay along with keeping the feet comfortable.

c) Spikes

What is the best way to hold the ground tightly? It is none other than the spikes mounted beneath the shoes. You should look for cricket shoes with spikes if you are a professional player. All cricket pitches have different characteristics, so it is essential to hold the ground to make sure that you never miss any opportunity. If you are not habitual of wearing cricket shoes with metal spikes, then consider buying cricket shoes with rubber spikes before shifting to the ones with metal spikes.

d) Midsole

It is not new that cricket players have to run across the ground multiple times both for bowling and for fielding. Even for taking runs, they have to run a lot and running becomes more manageable when the pair of shoes has the right midsole. The best material for midsole is a high-quality rubber. The rubberized midsole is known to absorb the shocks from the ground while making the player feel comfortable all day long.

e) Fit

Fit is the most crucial part of a shoe. If a shoe is not of proper fit, then it will create a lot of difficulties for the player to move on the ground. Before purchasing any pair of shoes, make sure to measure your feet so that you can select the best fitting and the best pair.

Best Cricket Shoes for Men – At least 1 of Them Deserve a Place in Your Cricket Kit

Table of Contents:
    1. Adidas Mens 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes
    2. Adidas Mens CRI Hase Cricket Shoes
    3. Asics Men’s Gel 220 Not Out Cricket Shoes
    4. Asics Men’s Gel Odi Cricket Shoes
    5. Asics Men’s Gel Gully 5 Cricket Shoes
    6. New Balance CK4030 W3 Cricket Shoes
    7. New Balance 10AB Cricket Shoes
    8. New Balance CK4020 C2 Cricket Shoes
    9. Nivia Hook-1 Cricket Shoes
    10. Nivia Eden Cricket Shoes

1) Adidas Men’s 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes

Adidas Mens 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes

Adidas is not a new name in the sports industry. This brand is manufacturing high-quality cricket shoes that have the capability to deliver the player with the right amount of grip and the perfect amount of comfort on the field.

In fact, this brand has bagged various awards for the quality equipment they have manufactured. Adidas Men’s 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes is no exception as it is carrying the reliable legacy of Adidas forward.

We have added this shoe due to the great and excellent fit it offers. It snuggles your feet while delivering the best experience due to the inner cushions.

There are no metal spikes mounted on Adidas Men’s 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes, but you will get the mix of rubberized spikes and sole which is enough to conquer the demanding situations on the field.

This Adidas shoes for cricket is renowned for the amount of traction it offers. The upper part of Adidas Men’s 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes is manufactured with synthetic leather and has pores for breathability. You will also see a glimpse of mesh which promises easy air passage.

Another great thing about Adidas Cricket Shoes is the midsole which comes with injection EVA technology that offers great comfort with lesser weight.


  • Appealing look
  • Great traction on an offer
  • Robust material


  • Not a single metal spike is there

2) Adidas Men’s CRI Hase Cricket Shoes

Adidas Mens CRI Hase Cricket Shoes

Adidas Men’s CRI Hase Cricket Shoes is another cricket shoe from Adidas that offers great traction and added comfort. This pair shares some traits with 22 Yards Trainer Cricket Shoes.

The sole is made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate that provides proper shock absorption and is flexible enough to tackle any terrain. With this shoe, you will get the assurance of Adidas and specifically engineered design that is trusted on a wide scale.

Also, the sole of this Adidas cricket shoes has no metal spikes but has a combination of grippers and rubberized spikes that can bestow decent grip on all types of fields. The upper portion is manufactured with high-quality synthetic leather and has mesh added to the lace pad and the sides of the shoe.


  • Extremely reliable
  • Light in weight
  • Cushioned inside
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Attracts dust and stains

3) Asics Men’s Gel 220 Not Out Cricket Shoes

Asics Men's Gel 220 Not-Out Cricket Shoes

When it comes to feet support, nothing can beat Asics Men’s Gel 220 Not-Out Cricket Shoes! This shoe is renowned for the comfort and performance it delivers to the player. Asics has named this shoe as Not-Out, and there is a reason behind this.

The pair comes with Dynamic DuoMax technology which enhances the stability and provides extra support to the wearer.

When it comes to the midsole, the buyers will get Solyte Lasting 55 that can keep the feet comfortable even for the fast bowler. You will see that there is a total of 11 spikes mounted beneath the sole out of which seven are metal spiked, and four are rubberized; this means that balance you will get is of next level; making it one of the best cricket shoes for fast bowlers.

The shoe is manufactured with a combination of synthetic leather and mesh for a stink-free and better experience. The color scheme of Asics Men’s Gel 220 Not Out Cricket Shoes is the next level.


  • Excellent balance
  • Aesthetic look
  • Robust construction


  • Gets dirty easily

4) Asics Men’s Gel ODI Cricket Shoes

Asics Men's Gel ODI Cricket Shoes

Another pair from Asics that can be a great addition to your cricket kit is Asics Men’s Gel ODI Cricket Shoes. Asics has named this shoe as ODI cricket shoe because it is specially designed and manufactured for cricketers.

The shoe has a quirky appeal in it, and the white, black and green color look lovely. This lace-up shoe has the capability to hold your feet intact while keeping them in the comfort zone. Gel-Odi can actually make the playing session effortless due to the high-quality mesh and leather construction.

The mesh used in this shoe regulates the airflow while keeping the feet clean. When it comes to the sole, you will get eight metal spikes that are engineered to hold the ground. Also, the sole is extremely flexible and is not prone to easy slips even when the ground is wet.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Quirky design
  • High-quality mesh


  • Dust can get easily trapped in the mesh.

5) Asics Men’s Gel Gully 5 Cricket Shoes

Asics Men's Gel Gully 5 Cricket Shoes

Asics has specially designed their Asics Men’s Gel Gully 5 Cricket Shoes for the cricket players in order to deliver the best comfort on the field and excellent grip. The shoe comes with a gel-based technology that is designed to keep the feet comfortable and to keep the jerks at bay.

The constriction of Asics Men’s Gel Gully 5 Cricket Shoes looks appealing, and the shoe is also light in weight. When it comes to grip, you will never feel disappointed. There are seven metal spikes and two rubberized spikes mounted on the sole that can hold the pitch and ground adequately without the troubles of slips even on wet ground.

The inner of these Asics cricket shoes are completely cushioned for added comfort of the player. You will also see that the upper is manufactured with synthetic leather and is embellished with mesh for keeping the stink and sweat away while allowing air to pass in and out.


  • Multiple color options
  • Metal spikes for added grip
  • Extremely flexible


  • It is a high-priced shoe

6) New Balance CK4030 W3 Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK4030 W3 Cricket Shoes

New Balance is not a new name in the field of the sports industry. The footwear brand has been around since 1906 and became one of the most renowned and trustworthy brands of athletic shoes on the market.

New Balance CK4030 W3 comes equipped with a shock-absorbent cushion which makes it a great choice to keep the forefoot and heel comfortable. Also, this pair of shoes comes with a high-quality midsole which New Balance termed as “Relvite.”

The pair comes with eleven perfectly placed metal spikes which deliver the wearer with a more excellent hold on the ground while avoiding any kind of slips and difficulties while running. New Balance cricket shoe has some other functionalities like Midfoot Support Strap that is made up of mushy leather material and can keep the feet stable and comfortable while providing outstanding stability.


  • Commendable construction
  • Metal spikes to hold the ground
  • Comfortable midsole


  • Comes at an exorbitant price

7) New Balance 10AB Cricket Shoes

New Balance 10AB Cricket Shoes

If you are craving for an extreme hold on the ground and great balance during running, then have a look at this elegant pair. New Balance has engineered this product for delivering state-of-the-art fit and light-weightiness that is required on the field.

This new balance cricket shoe is equipped with eleven solid metal spikes that can thwack the ground for making a strong grip. Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, you need to run smoothly in order to bag the win, and you can rely on this pair for getting the amount of hold and comfort you need; making it one of the best cricket shoes for All-Rounders.

The sole is “Relive,” and that means you will get the benefits of high performance and durability at a weight which is 30% lighter than other soles. Upper of this shoe is made up of a mix of synthetic leather and mesh that looks extremely appealing and is beneficial for the players who remain all day inside the field.


  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sturdy grip against the ground


  • Comes with a hefty price tag

8) New Balance CK4020 C2 Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK4020 C2 Cricket Shoes

New Balance is here with something to surprise you.

If you are not feeling comfortable with cricket shoes with metal spikes, then this product deserves your attention. New Balance CK4020 C2 comes with a classy construction and is perfect for wearing all day long. This shoe has a simple yet attractive aesthetic appeal that will deliver a good look along with best-in-class performance.

For all the players out there who are looking for more comfort, New Balance CK4020 C2 is here to help. The sole that comes attached to this pair is rubberized and has some rubber spikes mounted on it which help the player to hold the ground tightly and are more comfortable than metal spikes.

The upper of the shoe is made with synthetic leather that is comfortable for the feet and has some pores at the side to enhance breathability. There is cushion attached everywhere inside the shoe, so the wearer will never regret buying these.


  • Easy on the pocket
  • Aesthetic look
  • Cushioned footbed


  • Not a sturdy grip as in metal spike shoes

9) Nivia Hook-1 Cricket Shoes

Nivia Hook-1 Cricket Shoes

If you are on a tighter budget and want to buy the pair that can reward you with benefits of a cricket shoe, then you can opt for Nivia Hook-1 Cricket Shoes. This shoe has a basic construction and has no fancy elements attached to it. That is the reason why a brand like Nivia is selling it at an affordable price.

There are many rubberized spikes attached to the sole, so you with get an adequate amount of hold and support on the cricket field. This Nivia cricket shoe is easy to wear and is manufactured with synthetic leather with a touch of mesh. The spikes on this pair are replaceable; all thanks to the construction of the outsole!

As a wearer, you will get the desired amount of comfort without shelling out a massive amount for buying great cricket shoes.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Glove-like fit
  • Rubberized spikes for a strong grip


  • Not very much reliable and durable

10) Nivia Eden Cricket Shoes

Nivia Eden Cricket Shoes

Another affordable cricket shoe from the house of Nivia is Nivia Eden Cricket Shoes. This shoe looks much appealing then Nivia Hook-1 Cricket Shoe but has a bit on the higher side in terms of price. There are various rubberized spikes present under the sole; that means you will get the assurance of a strong grip with this pair of cricket shoes.

The upper is manufactured with the right amount of synthetic leather and mesh that is required to sustain the harsh conditions on the cricket ground. The inner area of this is cushioned and can hold your foot tightly without the scope of any wearability problems.

The color scheme you will get with Nivia Eden Cricket Shoe is white and blazing blue. In short, it is a perfect pair for those who don’t want to invest a huge sum of fortune into cricket shoes and still want to upscale their performance.


  • Affordable
  • Appealing design
  • Groovy rubber spikes


  • Not capable of delivering longevity

Wrapping it up

It is highly advised to invest in a pair of best cricket shoes to make your performance much better. Also, you will get a great amount of hold on all types of grounds and pitches.

All the men’s cricket shoes described above are handpicked after extensive research and funneled down to inform about the best products. Check your requirements and measure your foot length before you start shopping for a cricket shoe that can add charm to your next game. You can buy these cricket shoes online or can hop into a store to get the perfect pair for you.

FAQs Related to Cricket Shoes for Men 2020

  • What are the benefits of wearing cricket shoes that have metal spikes?

Cricket is a game that requires the player to run across the field multiple times in a single session and running becomes quite easier if you have a grip on the ground. The metal spikes attached on the sole of cricket shoes help the player to run smoothly while maintaining the traction with the ground.

Also, these spikes help the player to run on slippery, rough, and mushy ground types without any troubles.

  • Should I buy cricket shoes with metal spikes or rubber spikes?

It is completely up to you and your budget. Some cricket shoes that have metal spikes are exorbitant and need you to invest more amount than rubberized spikes. On the other hand, cricket shoes with rubber spikes have less traction than metal spikes but these are inexpensive and are easy on the pocket.

If you have just started playing cricket, then we suggest you invest in a pair of rubber spikes, because these are easy to wear and your feet will adapt according to these spikes. Wearing metal spike shoes, in the beginning, can be a bit difficult as your feet are not habitual to it. Start with rubber spikes and then migrate to metal spikes as per your preference.

  • How to ensure that the shoe size is perfect for me?

In the cricket shoe industry, every manufacturer has some size specification and not all sizes will fit you exactly, so you need to make sure that you are buying the perfect size that can deliver you with a glove-like fit.

To get the exact size, you need to take a measuring tape and measure your feet from thumb to the toe. Make sure to measure it exactly either in centimeter or any other measuring entity. Now compare it with the size chart provided on the online portal.

If the size matches what you have measured, then buy the pair. If you are buying a pair from a store and consider having a small run inside the store to make sure that these shoes are capable of holding your feet tightly.

  • Is it beneficial to buy shoes with cushioned foot-bed?

Yes, buying cricket shoes with a cushioned footbed is an added benefit. Many brands have different names for the cushioned insole. The major benefit of a cushioned footbed is shock absorption. You will feel lesser jerks and fewer shocks while running with cushioned foot-bed cricket shoes.

  • Do light weighted shoes break easily?

Not at all, it is merely a misconception that light weighted shoes have lesser longevity and are prone to easy breakage. The material that is used to manufacture decides the life of a shoe; it has nothing to do with the weight.

The International cricket teams prefer to wear shoes that are light in weight to avoid any of the weight on their feet and for running smoothly and effortlessly.


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