In today’s day and age, we are surrounded by all kinds of technology. Technology that not only helps us in day to day life but also for entertainment. We have an iPad, Xboxes and gaming consoles which enable us to take the edge off the stress we feel. Not just that, we have mobile games that work with any mobile. 

In this approach to tech-savvy games that are available at the touch of a button, old age physical board games are left unheard of. Indoor games are something that is loved and enjoyed by people of all age groups. As kids, we have played, fought over and won indoor games time and again.

Most indoor games like snakes and ladders, ludo, chess, and carrom board are not just fun but also helpful and have huge benefits to childhood development.

» Best Carrom Board Brands in India

Carrom also helps in bonding within families or friends whoever you are playing with. They also let you relax and have fun moments while playing. Try remembering your childhood during your school vacations; I am sure you miss those moments. Studies show it also helps in sharpening the mind, logical reasoning power when playing your shot as well as hand-eye coordination.

The majority of the households have or have had Carrom Boards; there might be only a few of those who haven’t played Carrom. But do you know some of the carrom boards are the best boards and are at quality better than the other?

Let us see some of the carrom board brands available in India.

1) Synco Carrom Boards

synco carrom board

Synco carrom boards are one of the best carrom boards brands available in India. These boards are generally used for various kinds of tournaments and championship games. The brand has been around for quite some time now, and almost all their products are being used at all types of national and state-level tournaments.

Professionals in this field prefer products from Synco for the reason that their side pockets are so deep that it is able to hold many coins in them without pouring out onto the board. They prefer this brand due to its quality and uptake on delivery of the game in the right sense.

It is one of the best quality carrom board brands that boast of a great finish of the board and clean edges, that ensure expert players do not have anything to complain about. That way, players are also able to play comfortably. It is also said that synco carrom boards are able to give players a maximum of four to five rebounds at a time without disturbing the flow of the game.

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2) Stag Carrom Boards

carrom board brands in India

A popular brand that is purchased very frequently is Stag Carrom Boards. These boards are cost-effective and are made of high-quality material resulting in quite a soft board. Materials matter the most when it comes to carrom board manufacturing. It all comes down to the finish and keep of that material which the brand Stag does exceedingly well.

These carrom boards are generally used in society clubhouse playrooms, kids’ rooms, play areas of malls, in various club-games or for casual playing in the confines of your home. They are also used at an intermediate stage for carrom board champs as well.

It is economical and not too heavy on the pocket. This brand has kept up the level of quality while keeping costs low so as to involve customers of all cusps of life. Other products from this brand include coins, stands as well as the powder. Pricing for these boards is in the range from Rs. 2,300 to Rs. 6,000.

3) Siscaa Carrom Boards

 best quality carrom board

It is a brand of a good reputation and is said to have the approval and acknowledgment of the carrom federation. These professional carrom boards are used predominantly in Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Many professional carrom players also find this carrom board the best to play on and have given good feedback on this. Siscaa Carrom Boards also ensure their products have good fits and finish.

Moreover, these carrom boards are waterproofed and are also scratch proof. In some instances, these boards get bloated up because of spillage of liquids such as water, juice, etc. making them unplayable. Water is the worst enemy of any carrom board. Having a carrom board that wards off water and is waterproof is an amazing find.

It is here where the Siscaa carrom scores over other carrom boards, being waterproof is definitely an advantage. Siscaa scores very well over the other brands and sells like hot cakes mainly for this reason.

4) Surco Carrom Boards

surco carrom board price

The big boy of Carrom Boards, this carrom board is the most reliable and durable. Mostly all the International carrom matches use Surco Carrom Boards. It is the top producer of superior-class carrom boards. These carrom boards are said to be recommended by the International Carrom Federation and All-Indian Carrom Federation.

Their boards are straightforward to play with for ages above 12. The most popular boards under Surco Carrom Board are Bulldog and Jumbo. Surco Carrom Boards cost anywhere between Rs. 4700 to Rs. 54000.

However, one needs to be careful that many carrom boards are being sold under fake names or duplicate names. Most expensive things have cheap knock offs. It is extremely difficult in the case of carrom boards to glance and touch and decide if it’s fake or real.

If you are putting in so much investment, ensure that you buy it from a registered and known sports dealer. Usually, these ones are used by professionals and experts because of the quality and precision that they are made with. They serve as excellent practice machines for an expert.

5) Precise Carrom Boards

best carrom board

Precise carrom brand makes good quality carrom boards. The material used for making these boards is generally English Birch. Specific Carrom Boards come in various models such as Superb, Jumbo, Bulldog, and Monitor, Amateur, Excel, and Champion. Each of these models has a distinct uniqueness and specialties. This carrom board brand is well known in India as well as at the International level.

Several competitions also use these Precise Carrom Board. They are available in different thickness options; more the thickness more the cost of the board. These boards are well known for the smooth playing surface they have and possess excellent re-bound capabilities. The board has been provided with a strong reinforcement enhancing flatness and avoiding warping. These Carrom Boards costs between Rs. 2600 to Rs. 13500.

6) GSI

best carrom board brands in India

GSI Carrom boards are well known for the smooth playing surface and amazing rebound capabilities. These boards are also provided with strong reinforcement at the back of the boards to further flatness and avoid warping. The boards also come with waterproofing.

GSI Carrom boards are available for all age groups, particularly for families. These boards are preferred to play with friends and family members. Families are guaranteed to enjoy a gala time playing.

When the carrom board is of good quality, the quality of fun and frolic is automatically advanced. The wood of the board is made up of Assam plywood and borders are made up of hardwood. Assam wood has a very good tensile strength and durability in the longer run.

When you buy a carrom board, it is a long term investment, so you might as well buy a well-researched one. GSI carrom boards are quite durable and are value for money.

7) JD Sports Carrom Boards

 carrom board in India

Of the top manufacturers of carrom board in the country is undoubtedly JD Sports. There are several models of carrom board available under JD Sports which are made up of good quality of wood and inch boards. JD sports has been in the business for decades now. It is one of the most well respected and well-known carrom board brands for beginners. Carrom boards for small children are also made available by JD Sports and also come in various sizes viz. 32-inch, 42-inch, and 52-inch.

Prices of these boards vary between Rs. 600 to Rs. 4000. These carrom boards offer a simple, suitable and economical solution to the carrom board fans. They offer excellent value for money for the quality of material used for making these boards. Carrom Boards made by JD sports are worth buying if you are looking for something reasonable and of good quality.


We have listed out for you all the best carrom board brands in India. They boast of quality, precision and year on year delivery of the game. Carrom, though has become a lost art and sports form, it is slowly crouching its way towards popularity. Hand-eye coordination and unbeatable gross motor skill development are universal selling points of the game of carrom. For little kids to adults, we all need a little skill development every now and then. Let’s give up our digital inclinations and move toward games that have laced our childhood with such great memories and advanced our thinking.

FAQs Related to Best Carrom Board Brands

Q. What is a full-size carrom board?

Full-Sized carrom board is one whose square playing surface measures 29 inches (74 cm).

Q. What is foul in carrom?

If a player plays commits a wrong strike, it is known as a foul. They have to face a penalty and miss their turn. 

Q. What are carrom pieces called?

Aside from the queen, carrom pieces are usually referred to as coins, seeds, pawns or pucks.

Q. What is the value of the red coin in Carrom?

According to the International Carrom Federation, the queen or the red coin carries 3 points. 

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