Basketball is a relatively new sport that came into popularity in 1891. Now, it has grown into one of most favourite sports in our country and abroad. This great game made its first Olympics appearance in the year 1904 as an introductory game; and in 1936, it was originally included in the Olympics programme. In 1976, Women’s Basketball was officially included in the games. This foolproof game requires several supportive Equipments and Basketball Accessories  waist belt, Basketball Training Goggles, Basketball net woven, Basketball coaching Board, Basketball Bag, Basketball Hanging board and many more for proper play and proper training of the game. Here are a few of such most important equipments for basketball listed and briefed.

Basketball Backboard

Basketball backboard is a rounded/rectangular board that is there behind the basket in a basketball court. This backboard helps in keeping the missed shots from getting out-of-bound, so that, the ball can make rebounds into the basket. These boards are usually made of flat and rigid materials, often tempered glass or Plexiglas that even have the properties of a safety glass if in case they are shattered. They are normally rectangular in shape as used in international tournaments; however, in recreational sporting events, they may be oval or fan-shaped too, especially during various non-professional gaming events. These days, most of the professional basketball backboards are constructed of glass so that audience’s view is not obstructed, while the backboards for non-professional basketball games are made from other materials.

Basketball Net Woven

Basketball nets are made from nylon strings or chains linked and Basketball Equipmentknitted together. The nets made of nylon strings are usually white in colour and some have featured designs of the team colour or logo. These nets are usually made and used for competitions and long rough practice sessions. Nylon nets are also used for competitions and residential purposes as well.

Basketball Bag

Gear up for your game and be at the top by sporting an awesome Basketball Bag available with several leading equipment stores online. This high class backpacks as well give the level of comfort and durability and keep you ready for practice anywhere, anytime. These bags come with several utility compartments to give you the ease of being mobile with your basketball passion at any point of time.


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