Badminton in India is one of the sports that is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. One of the crucial reasons behind this fast rise in popularity is the investment cost when it comes to this sport.

To play this game, you will only need a badminton racket, a shuttlecock, and two players. This is often one of the sports that you will see countless kids and adults playing in their neighborhoods in India.

Apart from the minimal equipment and two players, the only other thing that you will require is some space to play the game freely.

The quality of the badminton racket that you will be using will depend on if you are a casual player or a professional one. We would highly recommend you to get a good badminton racket even if you are a casual player as they will not only have a good bounce but will also have the durability to last for longer.

Considering how popular the sport has become now in India, there is a wide range of badminton rackets that are available online or in the market.

If you are buying a badminton racket as a beginner, you might face difficulties in picking the perfect badminton Racket for yourself. If you talk about the Indian market specifically, a good badminton racket will cost you around Rs1500-Rs2000 minimum.

Considering that the racket is pretty much one of the only pieces of gear that you need, you should definitely choose a racket that suits your playing style and ability.

Before we proceed to the part where we tell you about the Top 5 Badminton Rackets for beginners to buy in India, we will tell you about some of the basic things you should know before buying a badminton racket

Badminton Rackets for Beginners Buying Guide

➣ Weight of Badminton Racket

The badminton racket weight is generally represented by a ‘U’. The smaller the number, the heavier the badminton racket is. A good badminton racket should be around 80g-100g in terms of weight.

  • 4U: 80g-84g
  • 3U: 85g-89g
  • 2U: 90g-94g
  • 1U: 95g-100g

What Is the Ideal Weight of Badminton Racket for Beginners?

For beginners, we would recommend lightweight badminton rackets. Rackets that range between 85g-89g (3U) are usually the ones that are easier to control.

Moreover, lightweight rackets are also highly useful when it comes to quick stroking speeds and recovery. Lightweight badminton rackets will allow you to serve quickly and switch to different strokes easily. They are also easier on the wrist and shoulders, reducing the chances of you getting injured.

Single players usually use 3U rackets in order to get more stability whereas doubles players use a 4U racket for a quicker response against their opponents.

➣ Balance Point

Apart from the weight of the badminton racket, their balancing point or the point where the weight of the racket is mostly located is also an important consideration to be taken. You can determine this by simply placing a finger below the head of the racket and check which way it tilts.

There are three categories of balance for a badminton racket:

Badminton Rackets for Beginners Buying Guide

Head-Heavy Balance ― A head-heavy badminton racket, as the name itself says, has a mass more concentrated towards the head of the racket. The best thing about these rackets is that they can increase power in the player’s strokes.

Hence it is suitable for people:

  • Who likes to play a powerful game from the back of the court.
  • Who prefer rallies as it can produce extremely lengthy clears.
  • Whose game primarily revolves around long exchanges.

Head-Light Balance ― This type, on the other hand, has less weight towards the head of the racket. Compared to the head-heavy balance, this type is much easier to control and swing.

This is suitable for:

  • A doubles player who needs to react quickly against opponent’s smashes.
  • Players who would like to reduce reaction time owing to their easy manipulation and swing.
  • Players who like to play a frontcourt game using increased speed at the net.

Even-Balance ― As the name suggests, this kind of balance is meant to provide a middle ground between the head-heavy balance and a head-light balance. This is suitable for beginners who are just starting out as it will enable you to transition to either a head-heavy balance or a head-light balance with ease.

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➣ Badminton Racket String Tension

The string tension of badminton racket can be tested by pressing your palm against the net of the racket and see how far it sinks. For most players, the ideal tension is when the depth of the string sings up to 1mm

If you are the type of player who channels more force into your strokes, then a higher tension for your racket strings will probably be more suitable for you. For beginners, 22-23lbs is a good starting point in terms of tension.

However, do remember that tension standards will vary from region to region due to the temperature of that region. For instance, for people living in the tropics, a higher tension would be preferable as the strings tend to expand in hotter places.

➣ Hand Grips

There are two components of a handgrip that affect the overall grip of the badminton racket; the type and the size.

i) Type of Badminton Racket Grips ― There are two main types of badminton grips:

Towel ― Towel grips are softer and are good at absorbing sweat. However, the downside to this is that they become prone to the accumulation of bacteria and germs. As compared to synthetic grips, they will need to be changed more often.

Synthetic Grips ― Synthetic grips, on the other hand, are slick and less messy. However, due to its poor sweat absorption capacity, they become less comfortable.

ii) Badminton Grip Size ― Grips for a badminton racket mainly come in four sizes; G2, G3, G4, and G5. G2 is the biggest size whereas G5 is the smallest.

Bigger grips are suitable for those players who want to generate more power using a tighter feel. Contrary to bigger grips, players who like to involve extreme agility as part of their play and prefer increased maneuverability will go for smaller grips.

➣ Shaft Flexibility

Shaft flexibility of a racket is just as important as the balance and badminton racket weight. Manufacturers have agreed upon categorizing the shaft flexibility as ‘Flexible’, ‘Stiff’ and ‘Medium. However, you might find more variations such as ‘Medium-Stiff’, ‘Extra-Stiff’ and so on.

Stiffer Shaft ― Suitable for players who have a quicker and more explosive swing speed

Flexible shaft ― Suitable for players who have a slower and smoother swing speed

Beginners are recommended to go for a racket with a flexible shaft and then proceed to a stiffer shaft once they have worked on their technique better. If you are not sure as to how much shaft flexibility you need, go for a medium or a medium-stiff badminton racket.

Medium ― The elasticity stored will help you hit the shuttle further. Highly suitable for beginners.

Medium-Stiff ― Power is generated directly from the movement of wrists. More suitable for intermediate players who do not need to swing their arms much and need a sudden burst shot.

➣ The Shape of the Frame and Material

Most badminton rackets come with an ‘Isometric’ head shape. Such rackets have a wider top half of the head instead of a traditional ‘Oval’ shaped racket.

head shape of badminton racket

The benefit of such a shape is that it gives a player a larger sweet-spot whereas the traditional oval-shaped rackets provide a more concentrated feel and control of the shuttlecock.

For budget-conscious buyers, there are entry-level badminton rackets that are made of aluminum or level. However, it is advisable that you invest in the best material for badminton racket i.e. ‘carbon-fiber’ or ‘graphite’ racket.

All intermediate and advanced badminton rackets have a ‘graphite composition’ ‘100% graphite rackets’ which are made of technologies like Nanocarbon. These kinds of rackets are much more durable, lightweight and better performing as compared to steel and aluminum badminton rackets.

In the next section, we will be listing out the pros and cons of what we consider to be the 5 best badminton rackets for beginners in India in 2020.

➣ Top 5 Best Badminton Rackets For Beginners

1) Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus 3U-G4

The first badminton racket that we have on this list, is the Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus 3U-G4. Yonex has been one of the leading producers in badminton related equipment since 1969. The quality of products that they make is well above average, making them one of the best badminton rackets for beginners.

This racket is suitable for players who are just starting out as badminton players. If you are someone who wants to hit accurate shots with full swing energy, this racket is the right choice for you.

yonex badminton racket for beginners

The best part about this racket is that it is light in weight and the sleek design makes it ideal not only for smashes but also for drop shots. This particular racket comes with a box-shape frame cross-section and a round-shaped head. This kind of unique design makes the racket feel extremely durable.

The carbon nanotubes are placed at the sides of the rackets which helps in improving the elasticity of the frames to a great extent. The feature also helps in increasing the hold of the shuttle on the bed in order to provide a stronger impact. 

In terms of the strings used for the racket, the material used is Titanium elastic. This material is great at resisting any kind of deformation on impact during a match. The best part about these strings is that after a smash, the stretching that the string goes through will be recovered quickly after the impact.

Furthermore, what adds on to the overall durability of the racket is the built-in T-Joint that is deeply molded into the multiple layers of graphite.


  • Lightweight racket ― This is great for smashes as well as drops.
  • Durability ― Provides a well-built frame and shaft
  • Titanium Elastic ― Deformation in strings is resisted on impact due to the Titanium elastic
  • Good quality gripping ― Features a G4 grip
  • Beginner’s racket ― One of the best option available in the market for beginners


  • Powerful shots ― Can be a little hard to deliver with this racket
  • Beginner racket ― Not suitable for pro players

2) Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racket

The Yonex GR 303 Badminton Rackets are one of the best badminton choices for beginners. For players who are still working on their technique, this is a good option for them to begin with and then advance to a more suitable option. For its price and features, this is a very good choice for players who keep switching between different styles. 

yonex badminton racket India

This racket is pretty similar to all the other rackets in Yonex’s collection of badminton rackets. With the Yonex GR 303 racket, you will be able to take command of every shot that you make on the court. Considering that the badminton racket weight is only 100 grams and features a G3 grip size, the overall build of the racket is pretty great.

The racket also features a shaft and frame made out of aluminum that will enable the player to have a more accurate and controlled swinging. Furthermore, the shaft of the racket is made of low torsion steel, enabling the player to play with greater ease and flexibility.


  • Great maneuverability ― This racket enables the player to have greater maneuverability on the court. This feature will provide a great playing experience.
  • Greater durability ― This badminton racket uses good quality materials in order to provide enhanced durability.
  • Good grip ― Highly comfortable grip provided with the racket
  • Unique design ― The combination of an aluminum frame and shaft made of low torsion steel increase the overall performance of the racket.


  • Average smashes ― Unlike some of the other rackets in the Yonex’s collection, this racket is not that great when it comes to smashes.
  • Beginner racket ― This racket might not be suitable for advanced players

3) Cosco CBX-450 Badminton Racket

Cosco just like Yonex has a collection of some of the most amazingly strong products out there in the market. It definitely places high in rank as one of the best badminton rackets in India.

The Cosco CBX-450 badminton racket is an optimum racket for beginners as well as for the people who have just started to take badminton as a sport seriously.

best badminton racket for beginners

One of the best-selling points about the racket is the fact that it is made out of graphite. Moreover, the shape of the racket is such that it enables players to have a power play. It can really improve the overall technique of your game

Another benefit of the Cosco CBX-450 is that it looks really good and also comes with a full case cover. This is a great pick if you are looking for a budget range badminton racket that enhances your overall performance on the court.


  • Good build ― The graphite build ensures prolonged durability of the racket
  • Lightweight ― The weight of the racket is pretty low and enables the player to have quicker movement on the court
  • Power shots ― Even though this racket is meant for an overall playing style, it can be a little weak when it comes to powerful shots


  • Poor Grip ― The grip is a little poor on this racket however, the build quality compensates for it.

4) Li-Ning G-Tek 88 Power Badminton Racket

The Li-Ning G-Tek 88 power badminton racket is an ideal buy for beginners. In the training range, this is probably one of the best Li-Ning rackets. There are a couple of reasons for this, the most crucial ones being a balanced body and a sturdy shaft. The shaft combined with a well-built head increases the overall durability of the racket

best li ning badminton racket

The racket also provides a really good bounce, helping you achieve optimum results in all your shots and quick reflexes. This is one of those rackets that can easily be picked up by beginners and start playing. The graphite shaft provides a good amount of strength during games and also makes it a lightweight badminton racket. 


  • Good maneuverability ― This racket is pretty easy to hold, optimizing your quick shots
  • Lightweight ― The design of the racket makes it pretty lightweight to use and perform well on the court


  • Loose grip ― Even though the grip is of decent quality, it might become a little loose after a couple of matches

5) Li-Ning SS-20 III Carbon-Fiber Badminton Racquet

The Li-Ning SS-20 III is a good racket for people who are at the training or beginner level. With this particular racket, you will be able to raise the overall level of your gameplay due to its wide range of features.

One of the features that make it stand apart from a lot of other rackets is the build quality. The racket is extremely durable as it is manufactured using a carbon-fiber material. Apart from durability, this also makes the racket quite light-weight and easy to use.

Best badminton racket in India

This badminton racket is particularly designed for a more challenging and aggressive approach to your games. This is one of the best badminton rackets for beginners that you can buy online in India.


  • Lightweight ― Even though it is a head-heavy bat, it is pretty lightweight overall
  • Aggressive ― The racket is built in such a way that it promotes an attacking approach to your games
  • Durability ― Due to the carbon-fiber, the overall build of the racket is highly durable


  • Not for pros ― This racket is not meant for professional level players

➣ FAQs Related to Badminton Rackets for Beginners 2020

In order to choose the perfect badminton racket for yourself, you will have to take into consideration all the points that we have mentioned in our buying guide.
Most manufacturers of badminton rackets use 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U to denote the weight of the racket. 1U being the lightest and 4U being the heaviest.
A sweet spot in badminton is that area on a racket string bed that produces the most power and the least vibration when you hit on it
Ideally, we would recommend you to restring your badminton racket every 3-6 weeks.
This is the table that we would suggest you consider before selecting your badminton tension
  • Beginners: 19-21 lbs
  • Intermediate: 22-24 lb
  • Advanced: 25-27 lbs
  • Professional: 28-32 lbs

In this guide we have tried to list out the rackets with three conditions; Identifying the best badminton racket under 1000, the best badminton racket under 3000 and the best badminton racket under 4000.

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