Most of the people are aware that swimming is a good exercise but what they ponder over is –“Is swimming good for health?” And the answer is Yes.

Swimming is one of the best and healthy exercises for people who want to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Do you know that swimming is also called the best aerobic exercise?

Are you aware of how swimming affects the body?

Swimming is the most popular physical activity which not only keeps the person fit; instead, those suffering from diseases can cure themselves by doing swimming.

Benefits of swimming daily extend well across the whole life and give the individuals mental peace and satisfaction. If the person doesn’t want to hit the gym, then swimming is the best aerobic workout which offers immense advantages irrespective of the age or skill.

Another advantage of swimming is that it slows down the aging process of an individual.

Moreover, there is no exact time for doing swimming. You can do it anytime, anywhere with the help of the trainer. While practicing this sport, you have to take several precautions which are must to follow for every individual to be safe.

There are various purposes of practicing swimming like for recreation, as a sport, to maintain health, and innumerable others. Other than this, both mental and emotional health can be improved through this exercise.

Let’s move on to the health benefits of swimming, which will have a long-lasting effect on your body and mind.

a) Physical Health Benefits of Swimming

1) Helps in losing weight

Benefits of swimming for weight loss


Swimming for weight loss is the best aerobic workout to burn calories from the body. The result is, a greater number of calories are burned by the body, the more fat gets mobilized. According to a Korean expert who has experimented with the obese kids resulted in more fat getting reduced from the body by this aquatic workout.

How many calories does swimming burn? It is found that half an hour swimming can burn 400-600 calories if it is done regularly. After thorough research, it is found that the body of swimmers of all age groups has leaner muscles and hips, slimmer waist as compared to non-swimmers.

2) Improves Coordination

Coordination is an essential thing which helps the body to benefit from it. It needs proper coordination between arms, legs, head, chest, and eyes. Doing swimming for recreation, for winning, or to help the body to fight against various diseases helps in improving whole body coordination and makes you fit and healthy.

3) Help you get sound sleep

If in the past you were facing difficulty in sleeping, then swimming delivers you a sound and healthy sleep. As swimming is the full body aerobic exercise by which your body gets exhausted in water, results in more energy loss. During this regime, along with with the whole body, the brain works, which helps in a sound sleep at night.

4) Help in boosting energy level

Most of the persons do swimming in the morning, which offers activeness throughout the day. Spending half an hour in the pool helps in surging energy level in the body and gives the body extra energy to do work. An individual can easily compare the swimming workout day with another day and quickly find out the difference in the job done.

5) Can slow down the aging process

how swimming is good for your health


In this fashionable world, looking stunning and gorgeous is a must for every men and woman. In order to attain this result, swimming is an excellent answer to this. Swimming helps in delivering increased muscles body mass, regulates blood pressure, and maintains continuous blood flow to the brain. All these things help the body to look young and to slow down the process of aging within all age groups.

6) Helps in boosting Neurogenesis

There is a disease called temporal lobe epilepsy, which is due to the death in the brain cell. In many cases, drugs which cure this disease do not work. In research, it is found that swimming helps in increasing neurogenesis in the body, which results in curing this disorder permanently.

7) Cures stress level

Due to the modern lifestyle and pressure of professional work, stress is taking the lives of the individuals. No matter how healthy you are, the benefits of swimming daily are shown when you get stress free to the core. After the workload of the office or at home, a dive in the pool makes your mind relieve from stress daily.

8) Helps in toning and gives strengths to muscles

how swimming affects the body


You already know that the benefits of swimming for weight loss are immensely popular throughout the globe. Indeed, the continuous movement of legs, arms, abs, chest, neck makes the bones strong. It also helps in building muscles strong and gives power to the body by replacing water, which comes in between.

9) Cures the body from Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases which are related to lungs, heart, circulatory system are very harmful to an individual and gets people involved in taking lifetime drugs. But swimming can cure these types of diseases in no time if it is practiced regularly. In a study, it is referred that swimmers have less mortality rate then non-swimmers. Other than this, it improves blood pressure and maintains the level of sugar in the body.

10) Improves snoring in the kids

health benefits of swimming


Swimming is beneficial for kids as it improves snoring. If a kid follows a 6-week swimming plan, then it gradually improves mouth breathing and snoring.

11) Safe during pregnancy

Benefits of swimming during pregnancy

Swimming is the only exercise which is recommended by the doctors to pregnant women. Due to the excess weight of the body, swimming gives a relaxed feeling when they get into the water as it supports the load. By doing this workout, pregnant mothers feel comfortable and relaxed. Most crucially, consult the doctor before going into the pool as it may be dangerous for some ladies. Swimming during pregnancy also improves the mental health of the moms.

Swimming not only benefits the body physically; instead, it also gives benefit to the mental health of the person.

Swimming elicits positive, a natural response to the mind which provides excellent and fantastic health outcomes. At the same time, it allows the development of positive values like tenacity and perseverance into the mind and body. Different strokes of the swimming give immense benefits to the person like – butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke, and crawl stroke. Each has varied significance according to the person.

b) Mental or Physiological Benefits of Swimming

1) Develops confidence

Confidence plays a pivotal role to get success in various fields of life. Swimming is that sport which builds confidence and improves the mental health of an individual.

Overcoming the fear of water among kids and adults is very empowering, which offers confidence and self-esteem. As a result, this confidence allows them to interact with peers, helps in developing social skills, and enhance positive attitude in the person.

2) Mood and Self-Esteem improve a lot

While diving in the water, the mood gets lifted in a positive way free from tiredness and depression. Most importantly, swimming is beneficial for pregnant women who want to lead a stress-free time throughout pregnancy.

According to a research, it is found that most of the swimmers (around 74%) help themselves to be stress-free by doing a water-based workout, while approximate 68% people feel better than before when they practice swimming. Rest 70% of individuals feel mental refreshment through swimming.

That’s why both mental and emotional health is closely connected to swimming.

3) Helps in surging Social Skills

swimming benefits


Swimming is considered to be a solo activity, but, in actual it is for excellent social well-being. When the kids, men, and women go swimming, they come to meet with different people. This, as a result, increases and solidify social engagement within them.

4) Provides a soothing effect to the body

Swimming is an excellent exercise to relax your body from daily tensions. Moreover, it gives a soothing effect on the mind and reduces anxiety. To relax the mind, some swimming pools play music when you put head under the water.

5) Swimming releases Endorphins

Unlike all other workouts, swimming also releases endorphins hormones into the brain. This hormone gives a feeling of positiveness and makes you feel amazing and a sense of well-being while doing any work.

6) Reduces Stress

Swimming is a fantastic sport which reduces stress than any other game. While swimming, the brain cells get enlarged, which as a result, breaks down chronic stress.

7) Easily accessible and affordable

Swimming is the natural and most affordable sport in every town. In many places, the government authorized pools are available which offer a discount. Other than this, free access to swimming is also delivered by the government.

In conclusion,

As compared to other sports, swimming is a unique form of workout which provides immense benefits.

It helps in reaping every type of benefits like aerobic, anaerobic, and many more to the body with no specialized training.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to dive in the pool as it is the most enjoyable and comfortable workout.

Feature Image: Pixabay


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