Summer is an exciting time. The weather is warm and people are very active. However, at times, the temperatures can be ridiculously high. At such times, engaging in some activities might be what you need to take your mind off that scorching sun.

In this article, we are going to look at various fun exercises to do during the summer holidays. Let’s have a look at them.

1) Running Around the House

If you have a large compound, no need to run around the neighborhood and on the road. A few laps around your house are enough to keep your metabolism rate high and fat burning. The best thing is that you can do this at your own pace and don’t need to worry about lagging behind your workout buddies.

Running is a fun exercise


Running is a good fat-burner. It is one of the best cardio and strength-training workouts. However, make sure you invest in the quality sneakers to avoid knee injury since it is a high-impact workout.

2) Kickboxing

The popularity of kickboxing rose from the early 1990s. Kickboxing only needs space where you can freely punch and kick without coming into contact with any obstacles. The kicking and punching are instrumental in burning calories. It is also a good stress reliever and the ideal-cross training workout.



For a beginner, training might be required. If a personal trainer is not an option, the internet offers an invaluable tool where you can download a myriad of beginner kickboxing tutorials. This eliminates the need of going out into the summer heat.

3) Yoga

Yoga offers a variety of poses to suit the needs of a majority of individuals. It can easily be undertaken in the comfort of your home. You can choose to either do it in your backyard or the privacy of your living room.

yoga during summer holidays

For beginners, more calm and relaxed poses such as Hatha are always recommended. This is until you are comfortable with more challenging poses. For fitness enthusiasts, power yoga sessions offer complex and challenging poses for an intense workout.

4) Swimming

With the weather perfectly fit for swimming, why don’t you grab your swimsuit and head to the beach? Swimming during summer allows your body to get vitamin D, something that you don’t get during winters when you are staying indoors. The pool swim is great, but if you want something more challenging and thrilling, you can try swimming in the lake or ocean.

swimming for weight loss


Whether you choose to swim in pools or open-water, one thing is for sure that swimming will strengthen your body and improve cardio abilities. It can also aid in weight loss.

5) Walk Around the Neighborhood

Summer is a great time to walk around your neighborhood. If you want to start some good cardio exercise, it would be better to start by walking. Get up early and stroll around your neighborhood before you head to work. This will make you start your day on a good note. You can also stroll in the evening after a long tiring day.

walk around the nieghbourhood


6) Jump on That Trampoline

Ever wondered why kids love the trampoline? 

Trampolines are fun. Instead of walking several miles to the gym and exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays, make a habit of jumping on a mini-trampoline in your backyard. Doing so increases circulation, improves balance, promotes better core strength, and ensures improved cardiovascular fitness, among others.

Just like most of the aerobic exercises, it offers a full-body workout. What another way to stay healthy while avoiding the summer heat, other than investing in a mini-trampoline?

trampoline exercise

7) Run-On the Outdoor Trail

If you want to exercise with your family members or friends, you can consider going on an outdoor track, multi-use trail, or cross-country trail. Check out if your neighborhood has public spaces for running.

trail running

8) Outdoor Cycling

Summertime is also a great time to take your cycling to another level. You can ride your bike on roads or multi-use trails. You can cycle alone or look for partners in your cycling club or local bike shop. Create your own route or look out for pre-made routes on reputable sites.

outdoor cycling


9) Go Hiking

Hiking remains one of the top activities you can do during the summer. From the fresh air and the rejuvenating feeling to the views, all these will make your hiking more fun than the usual workout. So grab your outdoor outfit and go hiking.



10) Try Out Court Sports

Basketball, tennis, volleyball are all court sports that can be played outside. They are also sports that involve a lot of movement, so they can help you stay fit. These sports also promote social interaction and teamwork since you cannot play them alone.

court sports

It’s not a bad idea to interact with your neighbors, plus, add to the summer sun, you will definitely have a good time and forget about those lonely and boring hours of summer.

11) Play Outside With Your Kids

Summer offers you an excellent opportunity to play outside with your kids. Children love it when their parents play with them and give them all the attention. So why don’t you take advantage of the warm weather and head outside and just have a good time with your children? You will not only enjoy yourselves, but you will also be working out, hence killing two birds with one stone.  You can choose to play in your backyard or go to a park in your neighborhood. 

play with your kids



There are so many activities you can do during summer, either in the comfort of your home or outdoors. It’s solely upon you to choose the activity that suits your lifestyle and preference. But the best thing about working out at home is you significantly minimize the time spent in the sun. Also, you avoid pollutants that might be damaging to your lungs. However, make sure you stay hydrated and wear loosely-fitting workout clothes. Above all, listen to your body as extreme temperatures might cause nausea and dizziness. Stop when the need arises.

Feature Image: Pixabay


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