Have you ever realized that while reading a book, the classics never fail to amaze us? Well, the same goes for games. No matter how many video games we invent, nothing can replace the joy of clinking coins on the carrom board. This game has been mainstream for ages and contributes a lot towards the development of a child. However, choosing the best carrom board is not a child’s play.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the 10 best carrom boards in India for 2020.

▸ Best Carrom Board Brands in India

The best carrom board brands are a combination of high-quality material and a smooth gameplay experience. They are suitable for almost all age groups and provide an impeccable leisure time. Thus, choosing the right carrom board is a must.

Some of the top carrom board brands:

  1. Stag
  2. Synco
  3. Surco
  4. Siscaa

Now let’s take a look at some of the top carrom boards in India 2020.

1) Synco Platinum Genius Carrom Board 20mm

Synco Platinum Genius Carrom Board 20mm

The Synco Platinum Genius Carrom Board is one of the world’s renowned carrom boards that there is. This variant is exceptional and boasts of being handcrafted by craftsmen of rural India. 

  • It is made of birch plywood, which is of English origin and is of very high quality. 
  • The board is smooth and strong owing to its 20mm thickness, which guarantees a great playing surface. 
  • The Acacia wood provides a great reflex for rebounds when it comes to professional tournaments. 

The Synco Platinum Genius carrom board is used by the Indian carrom team and is their go-to option. 

2) Synco Champion Genius Green Carrom Board 20mm

Synco Champion Genius Green Carrom Board 20mm

The Synco Champion Genius Green board is a part of the US carrom board association’s Green initiative. This board is used in almost all the USCA tournaments that take place. It is one of the most liked boards by professionals, not just to compete but also to train on.

  • The beautiful green playing surface is ideal for eliminating the glare off the surface. 
  • The painted coins increase the amount of contrast created, which makes the coins more visible and attractive against the green backdrop. 
  • The installed grooves are to avoid the powder build-up and predrilled holes to accommodate the swing arm lamp, all aim toward minimum deformation and improved rebound.

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3) Synco Bull Dog Genius Carrom Board 36 mm

Synco Bull Dog Genius Carrom Board 36 mm

The Synco Bulldog Genius carrom board is an English Birch plywood board that is approved and endorsed by the International Carrom Federation as well as All India Carrom Federation.

  • Being made of Birch plywood, the wood is durable and smooth, which makes the surface apt for a good game. 
  • The frame size and rebound speed contribute to its reputation of being used by players in tournaments on a global level. 
  • Though smooth, the board area is of 4*2 inches and has tensile strength against the rebounds. 
  • The board has a surface area of 76*76 centimeters with a play surface of 73.5*73.5 centimeters. 

4) Precise Carrom Board Champion Bulldog Jumbo English Ply Wood

Precise Carrom Board Champion Bulldog Jumbo

Precise Elegant Carrom board boast of their smooth and durable playing surface due to the quality of wood that it is made of. It has players vouching for it due to its excellent re-bounce qualities. 

  • At the backside of this board lies a strong and sturdy reinforcement, which tends to enhance the flatness of the board and prevent warping of the board. 
  • This board comes with a beautifully thick 3-inch border lining that offers an excellent rebound. 
  • 2X Ply thickness leading to a sturdy, flat surface and excellent life. 
  • The coins are of the normal quality and are recommended to all old or young, beginner or expert. 

5) Precise Plywood Carrom Game Board with Coins, Striker & Powder (Elegant Jumbo 32)

Precise Plywood Carrom Game Board

Precise Plywood Carrom Game Board is a complete solution for a carrom board that is smooth, durable and fast. It is the most recommended of all carrom boards both in India and Globally. Professionals looking to compete or train swear by its good make of frame and also is one of the best carrom boards in India.

  • Its fast rebound, anti-glare surface works like a charm.
  • It comes with a complete set of coins, one striker and a pack of boric powder to give you a feel of a complete purchase. 
  • Even as a beginner, this would be a good way to start training.

6) Stag International Carrom Board 4 Inch Border 12mm Pre Laminated Particle Board

Stag International Carrom Board

A popular brand that is purchased very frequently is Stag Carrom Boards.

  • Stag International Carrom Board 4 Inch Border 12mm Pre Laminated Particle Board is cost-effective and is made of high-quality material resulting in quite a soft board. 

Materials matter the most when it comes to carrom board manufacturing. It all comes down to the finish and keep of that material, which the brand Stag does exceedingly well. These carrom boards are generally used in various club-games or for casual playing in the confines of your home. They are extensively used in society clubhouse playrooms, kids’ rooms, play areas of malls, etc.

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7) KD Surco Indian Plywood Champion Bulldog Carrom Board

KD Surco Indian Plywood Champion Bulldog Carrom Board

The big boy of Carrom Boards, this carrom board, is the most reliable and durable. Mostly all the International carrom matches use Surco Carrom Boards.

  • The board is made of a smooth ply surface that provides great re-bounce capacity.
  • At the back of the board, there is sturdy reinforcement for flatness enhancement and preventing warping.
  • It has a border of three inches and double-ply thickness for high durability.
  • The frame size is 32*32 inches and it provides a playing surface of 29*29 inches.

Usually, these ones are used by professionals and experts because of the quality and precision that they are made with. They serve as excellent practice machines for an expert.

8) GSI Superior Matte Finish Practice Carrom Board

GSI Superior Matte Finish Practice Carrom Board

GSI Carrom boards are well known for the smooth playing surface and amazing rebound capabilities.

  • GSI Superior Matte Finish Practice Carrom Board for Serious Professional Practice with Coins Striker and Boric Powder, Beige (X-Large 33 inch 8mm) boards are also provided with strong reinforcement at the back of the boards to further flatness and avoid warping. 
  • The boards also come with waterproofing.
  • The wood of the board is made up of Assam plywood and borders are made up of hardwood. Assam wood has a very good tensile strength and durability in the longer run. 

When you buy a carrom board, it is a long term investment, so you might as well buy a well-researched one. GSI carrom boards are quite durable and are value for money.

9) Korners Combo of Full-Size Carrom Board

Korners Combo of Full-Size Carrom Board

Of the top manufacturers of carrom board in the country is undoubtedly Korners. There are several models of carrom board available under Korners, which are made up of good quality of wood and inch boards. Korners has been in the business for decades now. 

  • The board comes in a beige brown color and is made from Assam Plywood and has a Kikar wood border. 
  • With high-quality reinforcement at the back, the flatness is increased that prevents warping.
  • The board comes with striker, powder, and coins.
  • The frame is 32*32 inches and has a ply of 4mm. 

10) Korners Wooden Carrom Board with Cut Pockets, Coins, Striker and Powder, 26-inch

Korners Wooden Carrom Board

The Korners Wooden Carrom Board with Cut Pockets, Coins, Striker and Powder, 26-inch one of the most well respected and well-known carrom board brands for beginners. Carrom boards for small children are also made available by Korners and also come in various sizes, one of which is the 26inch board.

  • The board has a smooth surface and is made of Assam plyboard with hardwood borders.
  • The border measures 1.5″ x 1.25” and the frame size is of 26″ x 26″.
  • For a good game, the board has a sturdy and smooth surface and is made with high-quality wood for enhanced durability.

FAQs Related to Best Carrom Boards

Q. How do you care for a carrom board?

Caring for a carrom board is very important. Store it in a place that is not susceptible to extremes of temperatures, either hot or cold. Always clean the powder once finished and spray and wipe the surface clean with a soft sterile dry cloth. The surface of coins and striker also need to be kept away from dust and grime. 

Q. What is carrom powder?

Carrom powder is a fine powder that allows the coins and strikers to move freely. Good carrom powder is important to minimize friction. Boric powder is an excellent carrom powder. 

Q. What is the use of the arrow in Carrom?

The arrow lines on the carrom board signify the limits of play. It demarcates where the striker can and cannot be placed. The striker cannot be placed on the arrow line while taking a shot. 

Q. How many types of carrom boards are there?

Carrom board types depend majorly on the manufacturer that is making them. Broadly it comes in seven types which are Bulldog, Jumbo, Super, Amateur, Excel, and Champion. Each of these defines which level of play or expertise you are at.

Q. How do you arrange a Carrom?

When we are arranging the Carrom, identify the light and dark pieces. Place the queen in the middle of the board. On the sides of the queen coin, arrange dark and light pieces alternately and continue in a similar manner for the second circle and so on.


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